Limo Booking

Limo Booking
  • Any luck regarding this?? im ready tp o pay a fee for the customization. Thank you in advance
    groups.wall 235 days ago
    M. Kanev Hi Ramel, actually what you are looking for can be achieved with our Taxi Booking component. Please Contact us if you are interested in seeing a back end demo.
    M. Kanev225 days ago
  • Ive purchased this extension, its great, but i would like to know if we can add an option for people to choose what kind of a car they would like to book, limo, stretch, suv.. etc...
    groups.wall 256 days ago
    Ramel Ashourkarim But the pricing changes, like imagine i want to create a zip code like: 91335 to SFO Airport, im gonna have to create this few times, and the dropdown is gonna be so long, because then im going to have to create it with:
    1 Towncar
    2 Towncar
    3 Towncar
    1 Stretch-Limo
    2 Stretch-Limo etc.....

    it would be greate if i could add the cars in the back end so the pricing changes, and the passenger just another dropdown because the price doesnt change for passengers, its just for me so i know how many people im picking up.
    Thanks so much for the reply. I hope we can make this work somehow :)245 days ago
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  • Your welcome, glad i could be of some assistance :)
    groups.discussion.reply 348 days ago
  • Thank you Alex yes it work fine, the correct path for limo is components/com_limobooking/views/order/tmpl/default.php SHOULD BE ON LIE 299 to 302 Re
    groups.discussion.reply 348 days ago
  • sorry it wont show the code, but line 67 will have (SELECT_GENDER), delete that line and all lines to 72 which should end with select.
    groups.discussion.reply 349 days ago
  • Hi, I have many question regarding the limo booking, but I will start with these two: 1- is there any way I can remove the gender field from the li ...
    groups.discussion 349 days ago
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Your welcome, glad i could be of some assistance :)
Last replied by Alex Mehmet on Friday, 10 May 2013
@Eric Hi Eric, a new version 2.2.7 of Limo Booking has just been released and uploaded to the server. Along with CSV import/export for Points of Interest issues addressed in this release are: * You can select "from to" and "arrival" and click on "Proceed" (front end) button without select the date and time when Use Combobox for places selection: set to Yes in back end Settings (bottom of Settings panel) - no Date selection validation: Both module and component have been updated to Date selection validation when combo box is used. * Cancel order not working - "Cancel of Order is not permitted" when using the generated Reference code, working when user is logged in and clicks on Cancel link in My Orders view; also Cancel order field not showing properly at front end only shows when the last tab is selected eg. Post Codes * Cancel order inputbox and submit button only shown when the last tab is selected at the Front end Feedback as always appreciated. Thank you for your patience.
Last replied by M. Kanev on Monday, 15 April 2013
Hi, any update on this issue? Thanks for your looking into this ....
Last replied by Erick Salazar on Saturday, 13 April 2013
@Zvonimir You will have to create a menu item to "My Orders" front end view in back end Menu management. You can have this menu item visible only to logged in users or if it is always visible not logged in users will be taken to Joomla log in page when they click on it. Cheers.
Last replied by M. Kanev on Monday, 25 March 2013
Awesome! Thanks for the heads-up. I found the Export to csv feature on the Points of Interest when viewing all entries, and got to see the format. But, I'll wait until you give the go-ahead to use.
Last replied by Erick Salazar on Wednesday, 27 February 2013
Toni, this is a public forum, DO NOT post sensitive information like FTP and passwords here!!! Change your FTP password immediately and then either send it to me via Private message or email. I will also need Joomla back end access. Regards. M. Kanev
Last replied by M. Kanev on Saturday, 23 February 2013