Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optomization - on-page
* optimize URLs (website links and navigation) to be user friendly (human readable) if possible
* optimize website name in h1 tag and page names in h2 tags to show name and page importance (human and search engine bots readable)
* add meta title to each page (search bot readable) - based on up to 20 pages website
* add meta keywords and meta description to each page (search engine bot readable) - based on up to 20 pages website
* clear and easy to understand and navigate Menu structure
* create more internal links to important website pages (content)
* remove all external (outbound) links or add nofollow tag to them
* optimize images - names (if possible) and alt tags
* tell google to read images via robots.txt file
* analaze and optimize text content of each page
* create sitemap.xml and submit to google
* create sitemap.html and publish on the website (human readable)
* add website to Google Webmaster Central
* monitor key word performance in Google webmaster tools for 1 month, analize and create report. Choose keywords (phrases) that is realistic to optimize for. Google bot usually visits websites every 2 weeks. 2 visits minimum required to analize website performance.
* create a report for monthly global and local searches of the chosen keywords

On-page Search Engine Optimization - £200


Off-page Search Engine Optimization - Optimize monthly/Each month

Search engine optimization - off-page (monthly subscription)
* advice on include to Local Businesses (Google listings)
* advice on Google AdWords use
* analize website keyword performance in google webmaster central
* choose 5 (or more) keyphrases that is realistic to optimize for
* create a search frequency report for the selected keyphrases (both local and global searches)
Back link building
* 10 article submissions per month for each choosen keyphrase
get articles from website pages or order new ones from professional article creating agency (new articles are separate charge)
* 200 submissions of different website pages in social media websites each month
* monitoring new content added to the website (content is created by website owner or by us for separate charge)
* creating and submitting new sitemap.xml every time content of the website changes or at least once per month
* updating sitemap.html if new content pages are created
* update meta title, keywords and description for new pages
* monthly performance report


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If you're thinking about launching your first web site, it's always smart to determine what sort of hosting platform you'll be using before you get carried away with a feature wish list and design ideas. At KANEV.COM, we are proud to offer different Linux web hosting plans that provide exceptional value for money. We understand that most web site owners want a platform that's reliable and easy to use, which is why we're happy to offer hosting plans using Linux. Reliable server on a great hosting price - you will never notice that it is there and does the job for you - no worries no high-costly maintenance.

If you are unfamiliar with Linux web hosting, you might not know right off the bat whether this hosting solution is the right one for you. Also known as Unix-based hosting, Linux web hosting utilises a free and openly sourced operating system to power its servers. The open sourced nature of the Linux web hosting solution allows our customers to have unlimited access to a large population of free scripts and applications, including the MySQL database, Perl, CGI, and PHP. This open source design allows us to provide you with a low cost hosting plan on a platform that gives you the freedom and flexability you require.

There is nothing more frustrating for web site owners than an unreliable or slow internet host. If you are most concerned with the stability of your site, and the consistent availability of high speed page loading, then you should definitely consider one of our Linux web hosting packages. Because Linux hosting only demands a fraction of the resources from our servers, the rest is left to your website and website applications.

If you are interested in choosing KANEV.CO.UK's safe and reliable Linux web hosting service for your web site, we would encourage you to look over our convenient comparison chart that will allow you to compare the features and the prices you'll be able to take advantage of. No matter whether you're thinking of launching your first personal web site, or your tenth e-commerce web site, our offering of Linux web hosting packages is sure to find a place in your vision. Please feel free to Contact us with any questions you may have about our hosting packages.


Hosting Plan - £43.80 per Year
Disk Space 1000 MB
Site Transfer (Bandwidth) 6000 MB
Subdomains Unlimited
Instant Activation Included FREE
International Domain Names Yes
POP3/POP3 Secure Email Accounts Unlimited
IMAP/Secure IMAP Email Accounts Unlimited
Forwarding Email Accounts Unlimited
Email Autoresponder Unlimited
Additional FTP Accounts Unlimited
MySQL Databases 10
#1 Rated Control Panel - cPanel Yes
CGI Library Yes
SSI (Server Side Includes) Yes
Frontpage 2000/2002 Extensions Yes
FTP Access Yes
Override .htaccess Support Yes
Anonymous FTP Yes
Webmail (Browser Based Email) Yes
Log Files + Site Stats Yes
Customizable Error Pages Yes
Web File Manager Yes
Spam Assassin Protection Yes
Custom Cronjobs Yes
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Convert HTML website to CMS website

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We can convert your old HTMLwebsite to an easy to menage, more affordable, better looking and SEO friendly website.

To get a Free quote and advice on the process to Convert your HTML website to CMS website, please Contact us.

There are many reasons why you would want to convert your HTML website to a CMS website.

Some of the negative aspects of having a HTML website are:

  • HTML Websites have just a few static pages and it is very hard to run a proper SEO campaign.
  • HTML Websites can not be extended with an easy to manage Photo or Video gallery.
  • HTML Websites are static. HTML is not a programming language, it's a markup language, so you can't do things like save user input, let users log in, etc.
  • HTML Websites get obsolate very quick - not only their looks but also texts and images they hold.
  • HTML Websites will always display the same information to viewers so it is unlikely that the same viewer will come to your website more than once.

Convert your HTML website to CMS website for just £399 £299