sobi2-categoryJoomla 1.5 + Sobi 2 installed and running as minimum requriments to use this plugin.


Price £19.99


Charge different fee for different Sobi2 categories. Input 0 to have a Category listing for Free.

One of the little things that Sobi2 is lacking is the ability to charge your users different Fee for listings in different categories (why should Real estate moguls have to pay the same Fee as Charity shops?).

Now this is covered with our Sobi2 native plug-in "Category Pricing".

Please keep in mind that you have to modify a core Sobi2 file to get this plug-in to work. It is very easy and can be done through any FTP client.

Contact us in advance with any queries or questions you might have.



Get Sobi 2 Category Pricing.

  • Licence: G NU GPLv3.
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  • No part of our source code is encoded. You will have access to every line of the code which you can hack to your liking. The only restriction is that we do not support any hacks that are done towards the code.

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