Limo Booking is a Joomla 2.5 component that allows Limosine company owners, Shuttlelimo-booking company owners, Mini cab company owners and other Transportation companies to manage and maintain Online Booking services.

Limo Booking is designed to offer Flat rate prices between 2 destinations.

Price: £129 £89

Limo Booking for Joomla 2.5 Demo


Limo Booking is a next level Web 2.0 ecommerce oriented software that will benefit not only Transportation company owners but their customers alike.



From December 2013 Limo Booking will not be supported or developed any more, all features are transferred to Taxi Booking software and you can esily set Fixed Price system to use for your Limo business. Please contact us if you have any questions or to see back end demo. Only Taxi Booking is compatible with Joomla 3.x and will be developed continuosly with new features added to it.

Any Questions? Want to see online backend demo? Don't hesitate to contact us with any enquiries.


  1. Define Pick up and Drop off destination pairs and price between them in the back end.
  2. Nicely aranged destination pairs in 6 different categories: Airports, Cruise Ports, Hotels, Train Stations, Points of Interest,and Post Codes.
  3. Destination pair categories will show on the Front end if only there are any pairs defined in the back end.
  4. Drivers section. Here you can store your drivers' details: Name, Phone Number and Email. You can assign Orders to your Drivers and that information will be stored in the database. Here in the Drivers section you will see Details link by each driver's information; clicking on Details link will show you all Orders assigned to the driver allowing you to keep track of who did what in your company.
  5. Having drivers in your company is not mandatory, nor is assigning orders to drivers but it is nice to have this feature. Your  company might expand in time and this option will come handy then. Did I mention that your Drivers will receive an auto email each time you assign an Order to them?
  6. Orders section where you can see a list of all online booking orders that you have received over time. Important feature of Orders section is that you can review each order and change it's status and assign Driver to it. There are 4 different order statuses: Waiting (which is set by default for New Orders - that you can change at Configuration tab), Accepted (when you change your order to this status and assign a driver, both your Clent and your Driver will receive an email with a PDF invoice of the booking attached to it), Rejected (if for some reason you can not accept a booking the system will send a notification with order status Rejected to your client - it is up to you to issue a refund if an online payment was made) and Archived (for successfuly finished trips).
  7. We have added a Limo Booking module (on 20.May.2012) that can be published on any page any module position to offer Quick Booking and promote your online transportation booking system (horizontal layout position is recommended if you have more than 1 Points of Interest tabs published).
  8. Settings features:

8.1 Set default country

8.2 Set your currency - this will set your preferred currency site wide, in emails and PDF invoices

8.3 PayPal Test mode Yes/No - allows you to test PayPal online payment system via PayPal Sandbox

8.4 Set prices for extra Child seat, Infant seat or Booster seat - any combination of the 3 is possible, if there is no price set these will not show at the Front End

8.5 Call Charge - add a price here if you have Initial cal charge or you want a value added each booking.

8.6 Price increase by number of passengers moved to Points of Interest as Number (since 1st July 2012) of passengers to add more flexibility in forming the price.

8.7 Extras - have you ever wondered how to make upsale for your transportation trips? Selling bottled water to your passengers for example. Now you can do that with online Limo Booking. There is a section in admin Settings control panel where you can add unlimited Extras that you can pre-sell to your clients. Each added extra will show at the front end booking form with a check box and your clients can simply check it to add it to their booking. Extras list will be included in the automatic emails that you, your clients and your drivers receive.

8.8 Different prices during Holidays or Special dates? - you can add % increase of your rates during special dates eg. 50% increase on 25/12/2012 (Christmas day). You can add as many dates as you like

8.9 Offer Discount if return trip is booked - set a % value to discount the price if your client books a return trip at the same time. This will definitey increase your sales. Clients love discounts. This discount will be shown at the front end when you clent hover "Return Transfer" and will be automatically deducted from the Total price.

8.10 Booking in advance limit - it is only natural that you can't take bookings 3 years ahead let's say. This feature will limit end date of booking for your calendar. If you set it to 180 days for example, bookings after 180 days (from current date) will not be accepted.

8.11 Limit the hours that an online booking can be placed eg. you can't take bookings without 24 hours notification first. "Accept bookings after: xxx hours:" setting will block the possibility to make bookings prior to the time in the future (considering current time) you limit it for.

8.12 Add your company phone number to outgoing emails.

8.13 Add your company logo to outgoing emails and PDF invoices by simply uploading your company logo image file.

8.14 Configure Email footer with Rich Text formating (Joomla editor) text area.

8.15 Add Terms and Conditions your clients have to accept before making an online transportation booking.

8.16 One of the features we are particularly proud of is Booking Cancelation. Each booking is assigned Unique Refference number that can be used from your customers to Cancel their booking - this builds a lot of credability and confidence in your clients. In the back end you can limit the time after which a cancelation will not be accepted eg. Orders can not be canceled 24 hours before booking date and time.


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  • Licence: GNU GPLv3.
  • Usage licence will never expire. You can use the sofware FOREVER.
  • Download new versions and major/minor uprades.
  • You can use the software on ALL YOUR own sites under the terms of GPLv3.
  • No part of our source code is encoded. You will have access to every line of the code which you can hack to your liking. The only restriction is that we do not support any hacks that are done towards the code.

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