Security of personal data has to be covered in 2 aspects online: Payment data like credit card number and Personal data like address and full name.

At our projects developed by KANEV.COM, we are using only 3rd party payment gateways for secure payment transactions.
Companies like PayPal take the responsibility of storing credit card details on their servers and this is much better option than relying on your own server's security. Companies like PayPal specialize in secure transactions online and they invest many resources to accomplish their goal, no single website owner could afford such an investment.
The other security aspect is up to the client (website owner) it is called SSL: abbriviation for Secure Sockets Layer, cryptographic protocols which provides secure communications on the Internet.
Every website owner can purchase and install SSL sertificate on their website. It will transfer the web address from http:// to https:// which enforces the Security Sockets Layer loading and encrypting any forms sent through the website, making the data transfer from the user device (computer, mobile phone, tablet) to the server where the website and database are hosted quite secure.

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