"Use Tafiffs" option is available for each car that is set "Use as taxi: Yes" > "Price per unit override: Yes".

When you set "Use Tariffs: Yes" the "Price per unit" and "Charge per minute" will disappear and the price will be calculated by the Tariff based on the time for which the booking is made.

After you have added your fleet to Cars management and set the option "Use tariffs: Yes" for the Cars you would like tariffs to apply you can go to Tariffs management screen.

Once in the tariffs screen, click on New button to be taken to the Tariff edit screen.

Fill in the title for this Tariff eg. Day tariff.

In Initial charge field you can add an Administration fee or Initial/Start flat fee for this tariff. Set to 0 if you don't use Initial charge.

In Unit price field fill in the charge per mile/kilometre that this Tariff is set to. This is the option that will differentiate the price for your Day and Night tariffs for example.

In the section Assigned cars you will see a list of all Cars created in Car management and here you have to select the Cars that this Tariff will apply to. Hold Ctrl key and click on Car titles to select multiple cars.

Select the status of this tariff in the Publish: Yes/No section. Unpublished tariffs will not be applied in the booking process.

The next section Day assignment allows you to select the Days that this Tariff will be applied to, very useful if you have different Tariffs for week days and weekends.

After you select a Day of the week also select Start time and End time of this Tariff for that day. This is the section that differentiate Day and Night tariffs time interval. For example if you are working on a Day tariff set Start time to 06:00 and End time to 18:00 to assign this tariff to the time period between 6 am and 6 pm. Taxi Booking will recognise the correct time to apply the Tariff based on booking customers time selection at the front end. You can have different Start and End times for the different days of the week.

It is important not to overlap Start and End times for different Tariffs because in this case Taxi Booking will apply the tariff that has been created first.

To check out what Tariff is applied to a booking you can test that at the front end. Just log in as Super user at the front end and run a test booking. In the Cars search result you will see Price calculation structure under each Car (only available for logged in Super users not logged in customers, you will have to enable Debug price calculation in Settings > Price settings tab).

The next option Special Tariff: Yes/No tells the system to use this tariff as normal tariffs override, very useful if you have to set up different prices for New Years or other special holidays. After you set Special Tariff: Yes you will be able to select Dates which this special tariff will be applied to.

Assuming you have just created the Day tariff repeat the process to create Night tariff but change Unit price and Start/End times accordingly.

Remember that tariffs will be applied only to Cars that are set to Use tariffs: Yes.

Note: There have been many requests to use Tariffs for Special routes - it is possible to set the system with different prices for different time periods via creating different cars with different availability for those Time periods.

Example: Setting up different Prices for 6am to 10pm and 10 pm to 6am. For Special routes Time price increase you will have to create different Cars with different Availability eg. Same car copy but Availability set from: 1. (first car) 6am to 10pm, 2. (second car) 10pm to 11:55pm (because the day ends at 12:00am), 3. (third car) 12am to 6am - when you do that and go to Special routes New/Edit route you will see all 3 cars listed there and you can set different price for each car.

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