Download a Free Social media calendar 2020

The Free Social media calendar for 2020 is filled with hashtag ideas for each and every day of the 366 days in 2020.

You can easily add it to your own Google Calendar (or any other calendar via the downloadable .ics file).

All content in the calendar is absolutely free so you can share this link with your friends to help them out to supercharge their Social media efforts in 2020.

The hashtags used in the calendar are researched thoroughly and are based on popular international events/celebrations or Twitter hashtag trends.

For your convenience, all hashtags are converted in an easy-to-click short link in the description of each event. The link will take you to Twitter with the hashtags pre-filled in the tweet body - just add some text (or not) and share it with your followers.

You can add the post to Buffer, Hootsuite or other of your favourite social post automation tools to send it out in a preferred time.

For maximum convenience, I have made each event to last an hour and trigger a Notification 10 minutes before the event start (check that on your local copy of the Social media 2020 calendar). 

Some days there are more than 1 events so there will be more than one notifications to click on the short link and post with hot hashtags

I will appreciate a follow on Twitter where I share marketing tips for social media and other mediums (very useful for marketers, small and not so small businesses): @mariankanev

To see how the links in the calendar work click here to Tweet a link to this article with hashtags #socialmedia2020 #socialmediacalendar.

You can leave your comments here or contact me on Twitter.

Suggestions for new hashtags are appreciated by the whole community, so if you have any - share them and I will add them to the calendar with a shout out to you!

Here is the public Social media 2020 calendar which you can copy to your Google calendar by clicking on the + sign in the bottom right corner.

And here is the iCal Social media calendar for 2020 which you can download and import in a different than Google calendar.

I wish you a productive and very happy New Year 2020.

Social media calendar 2020


Social media calendar 2020 for mobile

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