"Anything that won't sell I don't want to invent. It's Sale is proof of utility, and utility is success"

Thomas Edison

Daily car hire

Start Date:
05 November 2014 05:36
Goal Amount:

This feature will add the possibility to hire Cars on daily basis and offer Car rental services.

A new tab at the front end will be created with the possibility for users to select From/To Date/Time.

In car management Cars can be set for Daily hire which will eliminate all other hiring options. Price per day can be set which will be valid for 24h period.

At the front end if user selects Drop off time past the Pick up time a new 24h period price will be added to the total.

It will be possible to add all custom field types to Daily hire as well as set Car passenger/suitcase/child seat capacity.

Extras for up-sell can be added like luggage rack, GPS, extended insurance options etc.

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