Translations tutorial available here: - Taxi Booking Translations


Changes and new features

Limo Booking is no longer supported and all features have been transferred to Taxi Booking. We will continue developing Taxi Booking and upcoming features can be seen in our Development section, where feature Requests can also be added.

You can contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Current Limo Booking customers will get a discount if they decide to switch to Taxi Booking.


New Limo Booking component release (29/08/2012)

* Translatable labels Airports, Cruise Ports etc. in language .ini files, including buttons and other text labels, + payment type dropdown - bug fix
* Fix Back end Points of Interest characters cut off - save and display all characters, no matter how long is the name - bug fix
* Move PayPal Test mode selection from Settings to Configuration - bug fix
* Arrange Points of Interest alphabetically in Front end Pop up window - bug fix
* In emails and pdfs Number of Passengers shows only first (one) character - bug fix
* Make Terms and Conditions appear in pop up window at Front End - bug fix
* When user logs in he/she is able to see only their own orders (a menu item to Orders should be created and enabled for logged in users only) - bug fix
* At PayPal's website make item name Destinations From - To instead of "Payment" - bug fix
* Customer/user's phone number added in back end Order views - bug fix
* Payment type added in Order views back end - bug fix
* If Return trip is selected, at second step a return date and time has to be selected mandatory - bug fix
* Sorting ASC by name passengers number at front end