To set up PayPal and accept payments for the first time please go to your back end > Components > Taxi Booking > Payment methods and click on PayPal in the list. At Payment Method information you can set up the Title - this will be shown at the front end as a payment option to your customers and status Published or Unpublished (when Unpublished this payment method will not be visible at the front end booking form).

Next go to Configuration tab:

  • PayPal payment email - your email ID that will accept PayPal payments
  • Accept only verified buyers: Yes/No - if set to Yes only customers with Verify accounts will be able to pay via PayPal
  • Merchant Sandbox email - use this field if you would like to use a Sandbox (PayPal test) account to test PayPal transactions
  • Sandbox: Yes/No - select Yes if you are testing and No when you are ready to go live and receive real money

If you have purchased separate Payment plugins, Download the plugins form our server and:
Go to your website back end > Extensions > Extension manager > Upload Package File > Browse to the location on your hard disc where you have saved the Payment Gateway plugins > Upload and Install - you should see "Installing plugin was successful" message. Click on Extensions > Plug-in manager > type "taxi" in the Filter fields and click on Search, you will see all Taxi Booking payment plugins listed here, click on the name of the Plug in and then select Enabled in the Status drop down > Save & Close.
Go to Components > Taxi Booking > Payment Methods > click on New in the top right corner > add Title so you can recognize the payment method > Published: Yes > select the Payment method you wish to activate for Taxi Booking from the drop down > Save (not Save & Close) > Configuration tab > add the values to the fields to configure the Payment Gateway and click on Save & Close - now this payment gateway is active and configured for Taxi Booking to operate with.

Configuration fields of the payment methods may include if available (all fields below exist in PayPal payment method, other plugins may vary):

  • Minimum Amount - this will be the minimum amount this payment gateway will be available for eg. if for some reason you want to use PayPal just for transactions over 100 enter 100 here and PayPal payment will be hidden when a trip costs less than a 100
  • Maximum Amount - same as above but for the top boundary
  • Fee per transaction - you may wish to include a Flat rate charge to add to this payment gateway
  • TAX in % - here you can add you national or local Tax %, in some cases Tax may vary for different payment processors so we have decided that Tax can be configured separately for each one.
  • Prepayment % (PayPal payment method) - here you can set a prepayment deposit for the trip, it is a calculated percentage of the total and the customer will be redirected to PayPal to pay the deposit at the end of the booking process.
  • Order status settings - here you can set up what Status the new orders will have when paid with PayPal, Waiting status will be assigned by default on new orders or unsuccessful PayPal payment. PayPal IPN will return successful payment notification so you may wish to set Order status on successful transactions: Accepted
  • Convert currency?: Yes/No - this setting will allow you convert non-PayPal currency in PayPal available currency so your clients can pay via PayPal. Very useful for countries with no official PayPal currency.
  • Convert to: Select from list - this is a list of all available PayPal currencies. Select the one that you would like to use as PayPal payment currency.
  • Conversion index: - this input field is for the conversion rate from your local currency to the PayPal currency you want to use for PayPal payments.
  • Use in App?: Yes/No - both Cash payment and PayPal payment methods can be used in the Android and iOS app, you can decide which one to activate here
  • ClientID (Sandbox) - if you are using the App and wish to take PayPal payments within the app then you need to create a PayPal developers account, there you can add the app and generate ClientID both for sandbox (test) and live transactions. Client id keys are necessary to include in PayPal Payment method for PayPal to work in the mobile app.
  • ClientID (Production) - this is your live PayPal ID, if you would like to use PayPal as payment method in the DriveNot app please contact us for further instructions as there are some required by PayPal steps that you need to take before using mobile PayPal payments.

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