Taxi Booking's Settings panel is divided into sections:

General Settings:

Distance Unit - Choose between Miles or Kilometers

Booking allowed after (hours) - use this field to block bookings before a certain period of time (eg. you can't take bookings without 12 hours Note: - enter 12, for 30 minutes enter 0.5).

Date format - choose between European and US date format to show at the front end for your users.

Date picker Type - choose between jQuery (pop up) calendar or Inline (Date/Month/Year) calendar. Note: if you use Text-to-Speach on your website only Inline calendar can be read. 

Time format - choose between 24h time format and 12h AM/PM time format.

Load current date: Yes/No - if you set to Yes the current Date will be added at the front end when users visit the booking form.

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Taxi Booking can integrate with Facebook and you can publish the booking form on a Facebook page and take bookings directly on Facebook.

Because we have coded Taxi Booking to work in an iFrame you can use it virtually anywhere where iFrames can be published including on other website and even WordPress blogs.


  • Taxi Booking installed on your website
  • Menu item to Taxi Booking - Booking form
  • Facebook account
  • Facebook page
  • 5 minutes time to spare

Only thing you have to do is add ?tmpl=component to the end of the URL eg.

Read more: Facebook integration

Points of Interest are in the heart of user friendly system and Points of Interest are what is making Taxi Booking so flexible and easily customizable to adapt any business model.

This means that you are able to use Points of Interest in such ways that you can run traditional taxi business where price is calculated by distance, you can set up Fixed Price journeys where the fare is fixed between 2 destinations, you can set Points of Interests as stops for your shuttle/bus/coach business and ultimately help your customers chose Points of Interest easily at the front end booking form.

To keep things organized and to use some grouping features first go to the POI Categories section at the back end and create your Point of Interest categories. 

When creating a Category you can upload an image that will be used as icon in the POI drop down at the front end (eg. a small air plane may indicate that this is an airport and your users will easily find what they are looking for).

To create Points of Interest go to the back end and click on the Points of Interest icon. 

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You can use Search URL Building to create URLs that will pass pre-selected options to the booking form. As you fill in the URL building form different parameters are being added to the URL and at the end you will be able to Copy and use this URL anywhere. The system will also Save your previously created URLs so you can revisit and re-use them at a later point.

Best use of these URLs is in banners and links both External to your website and on different pages of your website to promote your services. 

Read more: URL Building- Search URL for direct bookings from external websites

Taxi Booking translations are handled through the back end Taxi Booking > Translations

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