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Taxi Booking package is downloadable from User menu > My Downloads > Taxi Booking releases > Taxi Booking version > View files > Download now or Direct link (for installation from URL). Once you install the package, Taxi Booking component, Taxi Booking module, Payment and scheduling plugins will be all installed at once.

To find the Taxi Booking module go to your website's back end > Extensions > Module manager and type "taxibooking" in the search bar or look for module type "Taxibooking".

Once you locate the module click on it and you will see the configuration screen:

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Taxi Booking Corporate is a package of a Client Account management Component and Invoice later Payment plugin.

With Taxi Booking Corporate you can allow your larger clients to pay for all orders once a month (monthly invoices containing all orders created and emailed automatically at the end of the month) or send them manual reminders to pay for a few orders that have been accumulating over a period of time.

When Invoice later Payment plugin is enabled and Payment you can assign Discounts for users set as Clients. 

Client accounts can have one main Client who will receive and pay for invoices and Additional users who can make bookings on behalf of the client and their orders will be added to the main Client invoice.

Here is a tutorial on installation, set up and management of Taxi Booking Corporate:

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Taxi Booking's Settings panel is divided into sections:

General Settings:

Distance Unit - Choose between Miles or Kilometers

Booking allowed after (hours) - use this field to block bookings before a certain period of time (eg. you can't take bookings without 12 hours Note: - enter 12, for 30 minutes enter 0.5).

Date format - choose between European and US date format to show at the front end for your users.

Date picker Type - choose between jQuery (pop up) calendar or Inline (Date/Month/Year) calendar. Note: if you use Text-to-Speach on your website only Inline calendar can be read. 

Time format - choose between 24h time format and 12h AM/PM time format.

Load current date: Yes/No - if you set to Yes the current Date will be added at the front end when users visit the booking form.

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You can set up unlimited number of Coupon codes and distribute them outside of Taxi Booking for various customer groups to use. All they have to do is copy and paste the Coupon code at the last step of the booking process before payment is taken. The system will show the customer discounted value and the discounted value will be used as Total for the booking. Coupon codes will be displayed in the confirmation emails and PDF receipts.

Here are the settings of Coupon codes explained with ideas for various use:

Once you go to back end > Taxi Booking > Coupon codes you will see a list with previously created Coupon codes. If you click on a Coupon code's Title you will get into the Edit mode or you can click on New to create a new coupon code.

There are 2 sections for Coupons that you can set up: Basic settings and Fine tuning. In Joomla 3 they are displayed as separate tabs.

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Taxi Booking can integrate with Facebook and you can publish the booking form on a Facebook page and take bookings directly on Facebook.

Because we have coded Taxi Booking to work in an iFrame you can use it virtually anywhere where iFrames can be published including on other website and even WordPress blogs.


  • Taxi Booking installed on your website
  • Menu item to Taxi Booking - Booking form
  • Facebook account
  • Facebook page
  • 5 minutes time to spare

Only thing you have to do is add ?tmpl=component to the end of the URL eg.

Read more: Facebook integration

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