Taxi Booking 4.1.0 (06/12/2016)

+ Show Shuttle route description in Booking Form

+ Custom fields assignment to POI Categories for Shuttle routes

+ Captcha in new design

* Fix - clicking on POI option in Special Offer Pickup not working in iPhone 6

* Fix - infinity loading screen on order cancellations in some cases

* Fix - Shuttle Drop off Categories sorted alphabetically


Taxi Booking 4.0.9 (08/11/2016)

- Removed Google Calendar integration support.

+ Orders Export in CSV to Import in Google calendar.

+ Order status in Confirmation Email subject line.

* Fix - Custom fields were showing on the return section of Address search although there are no POI and Show on Address = NO.

* Fix - Calendar background was Transparent at My Account > My Orders.

* Fix - Next available car not showing on the second booking on the same day right after first booking.

* Fix - Large contact info in Order Email settings caused memory limit error while generating invoice pdf.

* Fix - Pick up and Drop off was not populated correctly in some search URLs.

* Fix - Order from DriveNot app was not being submitted in some cases.


Taxi Booking 4.0.8 (03/10/2016)

+ Base improvements: New options - Charge if Base to Pick up / Drop off to Base over miles/kilometres. Now you can specify when "dead mileage" calculation will kick in based on distance from your Base to Pick up and Drop off locations.

+ Add numeric Order ID in Order emails

+ Select Default Order status for New orders for Cash payment method

* Fix - line break between payment name and description in Order email and PDF

* Fix - Show Address Tab: NO still showing Address Search in drop down when Special Offers is enabled


Taxi Booking 4.0.7 (05/09/2016)

+ 2 separate Google Maps API keys: Browser Key and Server key

+ CIM payment plugin & separate panel in My account to show/manage customer Credit Card profiles

+ Add avoid (tolls, highways, ferries) parameter in Google Maps API route calculation

+ If Default adult seats > 0 is selected then new option with Radio: Show Adult seats: Yes/No

+ Show Payment method description on Tool Tip in 3rd step payment section

* Fix - Localisation of Bootstrap date picker in new design

* Fix - Base settings country code was always showing in phone number for orders submitted from Old design

* Fix - Inline date picker in new design

* Fix - Send new order notification to Admins and Driver always although Send Email for Pending Status = NO

* Fix - Sometimes blank entry is generated in Back end Taxi Booking Users screen

* Fix - Few layout/CSS improvements in new design

* Fix - Recurring Block Off improvements (monthly and yearly)


Taxi Booking 4.0.6 (25/07/2016)

* Fix - hide Additional seats and Total seats in 3rd step new design if Child/Booster/Infant seats are all disabled at back end

* Fix - Marker icon should not be draggable for Special Offers booking in new design

* Fix - Back end layout on list and edit page fixed to work with Joomla 3.6

* Fix - Double click the map to Zoom in

* Fix - Hide on click outside of Time (hours, minutes) drop downs (pop ups) in new design

* Fix - Only show "Add stops" when booking is Address to Address in 3rd step booking summary new design

* Fix - Add selected suitcase amount with blue icon in 3rd step booking summary new design

* Fix - POI was not showing when Google PlaceService API returns error in new design

* Fix - Sort payment methods by dragging at back end ordering and reflect new order at front end booking Form new design

*  Fix - Show '+' sign for country code prefix in Phone number display


Taxi Booking 4.0.5 (13/07/2016)

+ Country selection in Settings > SMS Settings if Default country in Settings > Base settings is left blank

* Fix - Unpublished shuttle route is still being listed in one case

* Fix - Default Hour value is rounded up to the Lowest possible time section

* Fix - Stripe payment plugin - 2 instances of checkout form were showing in Chrome

* Fix - Copy to friend not working in new design in some cases

* Fix - Google Maps API key parameter was missing in the module

* Fix - Swap route for Special offers was not added to new design

* Fix - POI Auto suggest not working for Special offers in new design

* Fix - Alphabetic marker label in Google Maps for journey points in new design - A for Pick up and B for Drop off

* Fix - Directions were not loading correctly when booking is from module and user goes back to First step from 2nd or 3rd

* Fix - Address book: Only one address could be selected for either Pick up or Drop off in Old design

* Fix - Strip decimal point if round up is set to Whole number


Taxi Booking 4.0.4 (30/06/2016)

* Fix - Stops were not showing in Third step Booking summary in new design

* Fix - Stop interval minutes was always set to 15 mins in Add Stop modal

* Fix - Bootsrtap date picker did not load dates when Load Current Date = NO in new design

* Fix - Hours and Minutes validation when Load Current Date = NO in new design

* Fix - Taxi Booking module data was not populating the Component Booking Form for the very first use in new design

* Fix - Changing order status to Accepted was SMS to customer even when checkbox to receive SMS at Booking Form was not selected

* Fix - Redirect Button was not responsive in redirect page for PayPal payment


Taxi Booking 4.0.3 (23/06/2016)

* Fix - wrong area code selected in Phone prefix area code when multiple countries have same area code

* Fix - Few layout issues for different templates

* Fix - Stripe payment plugin not working correctly in some cases

* Fix - iDeal payment gateway updated to work with new design

* Fix - Total on 3rd step showing 0 in some cases when Return trip selected


Taxi Booking 4.0.2 (20/06/2016)

 + Google API error message was not showing in first step in new design

 * Fix - Return trip calculation not being considered in special offers in some cases

 * Fix - Tabs not loading correctly in My Accounts page in ?tmpl=component in new design

 * Fix - SMS not being sent on Status update from Front end Order details page

 * Fix - cursor pointer in HR/MIN picker in new design


Taxi Booking 4.0.1 (18/06/2016)

+ New Front end Design - only available for Joomla 3 (Joomla 2.5 support has been long dropped so everyone is advised to update to Joomla 3.XX)

+ Store DriveNot company logo in local settings database to use in Stripe Checkout embedded payment form (download updated Stripe plugin)

+ Separate options to show custom fields in return pickup and return Drop off

+ Price field for each option in Option List type custom field

* Fix - Location sharing button not collecting address for Drop Off in mobile in some cases

* Fix - Dynamic parameters in Thank you page URL to remove payment gateway cache of previous orders


Taxi Booking 3.13.8 (14/04/2016)

* Fix - Payment methods are not filtered by language in some multilingual setups

* Fix - In TB module, Pick up and Drop off texts in Return section are not translated for some multilingual setup

* Fix - Orders screen can not be accessed in some cases and always prompts CSV download

* Fix - Submitting new company via DriveNot network sends company_id=0 in new item notification

* Fix - Thanks page was not loading when additional emails are empty (in some cases of J3.5.1)


Taxi Booking 3.13.7 (03/03/2016)

+ Category icon is added in auto complete fields in Special Offers

* Fix - Car Types (passengers number was considered to detect car types, now only Car title will be considered)

* Fix - Show credit card form automatically if Stripe is the only available payment method

* Fix - Return extra charge was calculated twice in some cases

* Fix - Service charge was not showing in My Orders screen

* Fix - User details custom fields was not showing for an order edit having Custom car

* Fix - Using a SearchURL, custom field value not cleared even if pick up and drop off are changed

* Fix - In SearchURL, single quote was not showing in front end custom field value

* Fix - POI filtering by Language not working when POIs and Google address are combined

* Fix - Wrong font color in auto complete list in Special offers


Taxi Booking 3.13.6 (26/01/2016)

+ Additional price for POI can be assigned to Pick up and/or Drop off in POI New/Edit screen

* Fix - Google Map API errors don't show in some cases when user comes from TB module

* Fix - Discount not being considered at back end order edit in some cases

* Fix - Price override = 0 does not update order total to 0 

* Fix - Coupon code and service charge missing in CSV Order export


Taxi Booking 3.13.5 (14/01/2016)

+ CSV export builder in back end Orders screen

+ Service charge in  back end New/Edit order

+ Check in button in back end Orders screen Toolbar

+ In Car management screen an option above Assign Driver to car drop down - Car active without Driver: Yes/No

+ In Order details screen Change car link to change Car type

+ Clicking on Driver Change will show drop down with Drivers who are NOT assigned to any car (same list as in Car management)

+ Select Car Type drop down in Booking Form (both component and module)

* Improvements of back end Custom field edit screen

* Improvements of Booking Form - Move Return to the Right, CSS and HTML update 

* Fix - map not showing on second search (even if show map = YES for the selected Tab) when Default tab is different than Address


Taxi Booking 3.13.4 (04/01/2016)

+ Taxi Booking Drivers - new extension for Taxi Booking - Documentation

* Fix - fix App sharing coupon - App Sharing coupon can be used in DriveNot mobile app only

* Fix - Menu meta keywords and descriptions was not visible in Booking Form menu

* Fix - Return Extras were not saved on back end Order edit

 * Fix - Change in Google Map API loading due to changes in API



Taxi Booking 3.13.3 (12/11/2015)

+ Link to back end Order details in Admin New Order notification emails - now you can just click on that link and Edit order state and/or assign a driver.

+ Show Custom fields in back end New order with the same logic as front end

+ JoomSEF support via plugin (separate download).

+ payment gateway support via plugin (separate download).

* Scroll screen automatically after Car (Book now) is selected or See Price is clicked or See Summary is clicked or Back button clicked

* Fix - Custom fields were removed due to back end order edit for Special Offer bookings in some cases.

* Fix - Archive order sent 24 hours after return drop off for orders with Return selected.

* Fix - Base price was not added in Next available car price due to incorrect session set in some cases.

* Fix - Route map in Component 2nd Step was being loaded partially in some cases when user came from module booking form. 


Taxi Booking 3.13.2 (12/10/2015)

+ Contact us message pop up at the end of the warning for Area of operation popup

+ Flat rate in Distance sectors - Non-cumulative

* Fix - Hide additional (infant, booster, child) seats in back end new Order if those are not configured for any car

* Fix - Default country: Select to get addresses suggested from anywhere in the world was not working in some cases


Taxi Booking 3.13.1 (01/10/2015)

+ Select All Special Routes in back end coupon constructor

+ Mollie (Ideal) payment gateway support

* Fix - Return date and time is considered when checking car availability

* Fix - Send Order Copy to email (in 3rd step Booking form) was not working when Address booking is disabled


Taxi Booking 3.13 (18/09/2015)

* Fix - some HTML special characters in Custom Field description on tool tip of field title.

* Fix - Cumulative sectors when set in Settings > Price settings will be assigned to all Cars.

* Fix - Orders from the DriveNot app overlap with the ones from the web booking when Base is in use.

* Fix - user can not order a trip with a departure time from Base in the past.


Taxi Booking 3.12.9 (11/09/2015)

+ Show Next available Car if No car is available for user selected Date/Time

* Base settings: Area of operation - Pick up in Area: Yes, Drop off in Area: Yes, Both Pick up and Drop off in Area: No - means that Either Pick up or Drop off has to be in the Area of operation.


Taxi Booking 3.12.8 (31/08/2015)

 + Moved discount for Clients to Taxi Booking Users Manager > User is Client: Yes. This setting is replacing Discount in Invoice later payment method.

 + Added an option in Taxi Booking Settings - Combine Address and POI: Yes/No. POI integration with address is improved, only set Combine Address and POI: No if auto suggest is really slow on your system.


Taxi Booking 3.12.7 (25/08/2015)

+ Recurring Block-offs in Car management.

* Fix - Automatically add Users to Taxi Booking if user account is created externally eg. Joomla normal registration.

* Fix - Base - Pick up and Drop off - base to pick up/drop off duration should be considered for Car availability if selected.

* Fix - Improved Address and POIs auto complete list

Taxi Booking 3.12.6 (31/07/2015)

+ Added POIs in Address search auto complete drop down when user starts typing

+ Get Base coordinates icon at back end Base settings

+ Change in URL Shortener API on generating short URL

+ Assign users to multiple Clients as Additional users at TB Users manager

+ Show Special Route description under the selection of Pick up and Drop off similar to POI description

* Fix - More button was not working to show Return date/time options when return wait time is enabled

* Fix - When creating new Fixed (Special) Route and selecting Separate Price for each car: Yes - Cars did not show up before Save

* Fix - Dynamic color on Save and Cancel buttons in My Orders tab

* Fix - When route swapping disabled, a gap at the beginning in Drop off input box remove in Special Routes tab


Taxi Booking 3.12.5 (27/06/2015)

* Fix - Return pick up and drop off do not show in back end order edit screen.

* Fix - Keep Schedule plugin parameters unchanged on Taxi Booking update.

* Fix - Order language (in which order was submitted) will be used instead of active language at back end so that emails/pdf are generated in associated order language.

* Fix - Additional Users assignment not working in Taxi Booking User edit screen.

* Fix - Taxi Booking module design fixes - drop down font colour not dynamic.

* Fix - Routing problem of Booking "Thank you" page when payment error response returned from Stripe - please update Stripe payment plugin to v. 1.0.2 as well.

* Fix - Load current HR/MIN in return date/time block as Booking should not proceed with empty Return times.


Taxi Booking 3.12.3 (10/06/2015)

+ Back end New orders - Offers, Hourly and Shuttle booking types added

+ Email reminders to Customer/Admin/Drivers for Upcoming jobs for the next day in Schedule plugin

+ Change in core to integrate Alpha User Points payment plugin

* Fix - New User image upload from TB User manager (Image naming is not correct and can be overwritten on next new user image upload)

* Fix - Remove area of operation Anchor link at the bottom of booking form

* Fix - Direct Logout from Booking Form My Orders tab

* Fix - Orders reference number instead of Order ID in Order Email subject


Taxi Booking 3.12.2 (22/05/2015)

+ In back end Points of Interest edit screen added 2 new options: Show on Special offers Pick up: Yes/No; Show on Special offers Drop off: Yes/No

* Fix - Pick up date shows incorrect when status is changed from admin panel because of Time zone override by the server in rare cases.

* Fix - Google API calculated data was not updated in Session in some cases (chrome and safari first visit) when module booking form is submitted.

* Fix - Clear previous location booking data in module's booking form.

* Improvements - Optimized loading configs/settings in config function in booking_helper.

* Improvements - Booking form design optimizations and visual improvements.


Taxi Booking 3.12.1 (07/05/2015)

+ Automatically mark single Payment method as SELECTED.

+ Anchor text: Input box in Search URLs building tool. Auto generated HTML to copy and paste anywhere on the web.

+ Apply Show on Pick up/Drop off for POIs in Special Offers. Helps building Search URLs to not listed POIs.

+ In Admin SearchURL screen, Drop down with a list of all Special routes.

+ Added Sender ID in SMS settings (for Small Business accounts with Clickatell).

* Fix - SQL (Duplicate column) errors for Updates from version prior to 3.10.4 to latest (in some cases current configs/settings are erased).

* Fix - Additional check in PayPal response treatment process in PayPal plugin.

* Fix - Rejected orders will be archived only, but review request email will not be sent.


Taxi Booking 3.12 (14/04/2015)

+ ACL for back end Taxi Booking sections. Access to back end section can be limited based on Joomla User Groups.

+ New option at back end Settings > General Price Settings > Enable Service charge/Tips: Yes > Show input box for Flat Tip: Yes/No. Label and Tool tip on Fixed Tip input box at the Front end Booking Form.

+ In back end Settings > Base settings new options under Base to Pick up calculation: Yes - "Use for Special Routes: Both Price and Time/Time only/No"

* Fix - Show percentage sign for Service charge/Tips amount in order email when Percent button is used at the booking form.


Taxi Booking 3.11.9 (02/04/2015)

+ Hourly Hire fee - additional fee when car is set Hourly hire: Yes


Taxi Booking 3.11.8 (28/03/2015)

+ Translations for Taxi Booking - Download translations directly from the back end. Install via Joomla's installation interface.

+ Direct link to Maps GPS navigation from Pick up and Drop off addresses in Driver notification emails.

* Fix - Changes in AJAX URLs to adapt to changes in Languagefilter plugin in Joomla 3.4 

- Front end Settings view removed


Taxi Booking 3.11.7 (20/02/2015)

* Better integration with

* Fix - close button in Date picker in My Orders section

* Various code improvements


Taxi Booking 3.11.6 (17/03/2015)

+ Show custom fields in Shuttle booking - Show on Shuttle routes YES/NO

+ Close calendar (date picker) button.

* Fix - Change in auto loading all required Classes in Google Calendar API library.

* Fix - Initial call charge will be applied once per order for any booking type, not added twice if Return selected at front end.

* Fix - Additional car charge on Return will be added to Special routes as well if set to Yes in car management.

* Fix - Special Tariffs for multiple cars were not applied to all cars properly.

* Fix - Hide Unpublished Cars and POIs at front end even when Special Routes Separate Car price: YES

- Removed "No Joomla Driver group" notification in Admin panel.


Taxi Booking 3.11.5 (11/03/2015)

+ Integrated EU Privacy plugin - if user doesn't accept cookies the booking form will be invisible.

* Fix - automatically remove Orders from Google Calendar when mark Rejected/Cancelled. Error message - The resource was not found.

* Fix - update will add a missing column in order database if a few updates have been skipped.

* Fix - Sort POI Categories and POIs alphabetically in Special Offers tab at the front end.


Taxi Booking 3.11.4 (03/03/2015)

+ Added support for Joomla 3.4

+ In Car management new option under Additional Car type charge, Add on Return: Yes/No. If Yes selected Additional Car type charge will be added on the return leg as well.


Taxi Booking 3.11.3 (26/02/2015)

* Fix - due to new features added in Settings, Price and Design settings have been erased on some servers - it is safe to update now, as always please take a back up of your website before Updating.


Taxi Booking 3.11.2 (25/02/2015)

+ Tips / Service charge / Gratuity for Drivers

+ Send Order details copy to someone else


Taxi Booking 3.11.1 (20/02/2015)

+ New option in back end Settings > Map settings - Optimize Stops: Yes - will arrange Stops to shortest route/No - will keep order selected by customer.

* Fix - allow admin to create 2 POIs with the same name and same coordinates but different Additional charge.


Taxi Booking version 3.11 (17/02/2015)

+ Cancel orders - options in Settings > General settings

+ Cancel order by Reference No at front end

+ Cancel order in Order management for logged in users

* Various small bug fixes


Taxi Booking version 3.10.9 (14/02/2015)

+ Add/Delete Users directly in Taxi Booking > Users

+ Assign Child Users to Clients in Taxi Booking > Users who are able to make bookings with Invoice later for Taxi Booking Corporate

+ New Archive order email template for customer Review invitation

* Fix - Duplicate Coupon code is not allowed


Taxi Booking version 3.10.8 (12/02/2015)

+ Automatically Archive Order 24 hours after Drop off. Automatic email to the customer with Review invitation.

+ Changed Live Update with Download ID instead of User/Password for added security. Download ID will be visible across the page under the main Menu after logging in to > User options > My Downloads.

* Fixes of Taxi Booking Corporate and Invoice later payment method.

* Fix - Delete Order even if Google client library for Google calendar is not added properly.

* Fix - Redirect to the booking form from Thank you page.


Taxi Booking version 3.10.7 (28/01/2015)

+ User Profile manager: Add photo and phone number - auto fill in User details in the Booking form for logged in users.

+ Driver Profile - assign user as Driver in back end Taxi Booking > Users

+ Send Driver image and some other Driver information in Driver assigned email to customers.

+ New payment plugin Invoice later and separate Taxi Booking Corporate component to manage Invoices. Front end Invoice access under My Orders tab in Booking form if Taxi Booking Corporate is installed. Separate package for Taxi Booking Corporate installation needed.

+ 2 new options in Car management: Use as taxi (Address search): Yes/No; Use as limo (Special routes): Yes/No

+ Image upload and crop in Car management

+ Added analytics for short links in Search URL building

* Deposit amount via PayPal is shown in User details screen after Grand total: (Due X% - £XX)

* Fix - Front end Booking form - When user changes POI to Select from Address book Custom fields do not disappear

- Removed Surname in Booking Form


Taxi Booking version 3.10.6 (15/01/2015)

+ Company Logo upload and crop feature at Back end DriveNot section.

+ Better integration of Taxi Booking with DriveNot mobile app and

+ Added number of items list at back end Order list - Shown Orders can be selected and exported to CSV.

* Fix - Warning for Option list custom field in App API.

* Fix - Warning for Order emails header and footer default value in back end Config for fresh installation in some cases.

* Added a new color options (Headers and Tabs font color) in Settings > Design section.

* Added few language translation texts in My Orders tab.

* Log out button in My Orders tab.


Taxi Booking version 3.10.5 (06/01/2015)

+ Address book for logged in customers

+ My Orders in Separate tab in the booking form for even better iFrame integration

+ Sections for Customer log in, My Orders and Address book for logged in customers

+ Show warning message at back end Google Calendar settings when Google client library is not uploaded

+ Option at back end Payment methods (PayPal and for New Orders handling. Waiting status - Send email: Yes/No, Accepted status - Send email: Yes/No 

Please save back end payment methods once to make these new Order status options work. 

* Fix - Booking is completed even if Google client library is not uploaded properly

* Fix - Added alt and title attributes for all image tags

* Fix - Wrong driver assignment in some cases at back end Order edit


Taxi Booking version 3.10.4 (19/12/2014)

+ Integrate new Google Calendar API V3

+ Create New POI in Shuttle Route screen

* Fix - Custom fields are optional to select in URL building tool 


Taxi Booking version 3.10.3 (07/12/2014)

+ Added Custom fields selection in URL building tool. 

+ Blocking Date selection at Front end calendar when no Cars are available for a particular Date.

+ When no Shuttle is available for current date a warning message is shown for user to select different date.

+ Added Passengers number column at front end Orders list for Admins. 

+ Added number of Short URL clicks at back end URL building tool table.

+ Create New POI directly in Special Route screen, short hand to create POIs then assigning them to Special routes.

+ ACL (Access Control List) for all back end sections: POI Category, POIs, Special Routes, Shuttle Routes, Coupons, Custom Fields, Payment Method - Super user can limit access to those sections for other User Groups.

+ Added Booking Type selection in back end Coupons section. 

* Fix - Front end ACL for Super users also assigned to different User Groups. 

* Fix - Distance sectors can start from 0 kilometer/mile to compensate 0 to 1 kilometer/mile assignment. 


Taxi Booking version 3.10.2 (23/11/2014)

+ Status and Driver change functionality in Order Details screen.

+ Number of Passengers column in Back end Orders list.

+ Add Coupon service in App API.

+ ACL in Taxi Booking Options to control access to Settings and Options sections.

+ Report chart for Bookings by month in DriveNot network section - Web and Drivenot Orders bars.

+ Analytics for App Coupon Sharing Short URL and Analytics results in Taxi Booking > DriveNot network section - Shared and Clicked count.

+ URL shortner in URL building and Click count for each Short URL.

* Fix - Language filtering for URLs in URL Building section.

* Fix - AJAX reload of POIs based on selected POI category for Special Offers Booking type in URL Building section.

* Fix - Shuttle booking - 12/24 hour time format problem in some cases.

* Fix - JavaScript conflicts in Taxi Booking module for Special Offers in some cases.

* Fix - Back end Order edit calculates wrong order total when coupon is applied.


Taxi Booking version 3.10.1 (17/11/2014)

+ Show number of sold Shuttle tickets in Car table.

+ Automatic building of Google calendar for all Cars in Booking calendar section (calendar for each car still has to be added manually).

* Multilingual compatibility in URL builder.

* Block off seats for Waiting orders through Shuttle booking.


Taxi Booking version 3.10 (12/11/2014)

+ Booking via URLs - Search URLs via URL building tool.

+ Currency conversion in PayPal payment plugin - convert non-PayPal currencies to PayPal chargeable amount.

+ Generate Booking Calendar HTML automatically with all Cars that have calendar added.

+ Custom fields assignment filters (pick up, drop off etc.) for easier ordering view at front end.

+ Shuttle booking without Google Maps API if Show Google Map for Shuttle booking is set to: NO

* Fix - POI Category title as Alt tag in POI Category images.

* Fix - Wrong Minute Picker in Return when pick up and return are on the same day.

* Fix - Loading website within Taxi Booking module in some cases eg. module published on Thank you page of Taxi Booking.

* Fix - Duration of hourly booking not considered in car Availability when updated through the front end.

* Trim front and trailing white space of Google calendar fields in car screen and check for @ in ID


Taxi Booking version 3.9.2 (05/11/2014)

* DriveNot mobile app integration improvements.

* Fix - Shuttle routes not being deleted from the Data base when deleted at the back end.

* Fix - 12/24 hour format selection in the module. 


Taxi Booking version 3.9.1 (01/11/2014)

+ Option at back end Settings > Terms and Conditions tab > Use Terms and Conditions: Yes/No.

+ Add Orders in Google calendar when New order is created from back end.

+ Auto approve of Orders option for a FREE/No price orders.

+ New translatable label at front end booking form above Date selection.

+ New Custom field type Text area. 

- Removed Additional Information fields in User details screen as they can now be created as Custom fields through the back end.

* Fix - Order Email Settings - Header Info - no image in the Email in some cases and some image types.

* Fix - Cyrillic language encoding while redirecting to PayPal and in PayPal order summary.

* Fix - Translation of some labels in Confirmation email sent from the back end.

* Fix - Translatable "hr" and "mins" labels in Cars table front end.

* Fix - Default values in Return time fields (module + component).

* Fix - In step "User details" translatable label "and return" 

* Fix - Hrs and Mins dialog initialize warning in some Joomla templates.

* Fix - Add new Wait time button in back end Settings panel not working in some cases - Tariff description issue.

* Fix - In booking form, hide Coupon code if there is no Coupon published at back end.

* Fix - Tariffs for specific cars not assigned properly in some cases.

* Fix - HTML tag issue for Custom field description in front end Car description tool tip.


Taxi Booking version 3.9 (24/10/2014)

+ Integration of Google calendar to show bookings in Car management. One multi Car calendar for all bookings at Booking Calendar section - tutorial.

+ iFrame booking form - now you can publish Taxi Booking on any website and platform via iFrame. Bookings will be recorded in your own database.

+ Added more fields in CSV export and only selected orders will be exported.

+ DriveNot section - apply to join DriveNot mobile app via your back end.

+ Separate Thank you page URL.

+ IP of Order submitter recorded and attached at the bottom of Admin order email for security reasons.

* Fix - Incorrect price for Hourly Hire booking immediately after Address booking.

* Fix - Cash Plugin Error if Show price set to no and no payments available at front end.

* Fix - Update car availability perfectly from back end Order edit.

* Fix - Missing Language strings at the front end Order table.


Taxi Booking version 3.8.2 (18/10/2014)

+ Language filter in payment methods for multi lingual websites.

+ Removed Gender from booking form and added it as a Custom field in User details. 

* Fix to add a missing (shuttle_route_id) column in Order database. Error only when updating from Taxi Booking version 3.6


Taxi Booking version 3.8.1 (11/10/2014)

+ Added Charge per min in Tariff management

+ New Order notification emails: New field in Order email settings, emails will be comma separated and receive BCC of new order email

+ Display cost breakdown for child/booster/infant seats in emails and PDFs

* Fix - "No payment set up" error after submitting order in Safari (Session/Cookie issue)

* Fix - Offers tab - car price is 0 if user switches between tabs before completing the booking 

* Fix - accept .travel and other new TLD email addresses in the booking form


Taxi Booking version 3.8 (06/10/2014)

+ Tariffs - build tariffs based on time of the day and assign them to Cars.

+ Shuttles tab added message under the map (from ... to ...) and distance as in Address search and Special offers.

+ Round up total after applying coupon according to the round up method selected at back end.

* Fix - Unicode text in orders SMS - Cyrillic languages problem.

* Fix - Set Special Offers as default tab.  

* Fix - Car availability issue where Hourly hire booking times overlap with Address search and Special offers.


Taxi Booking version 3.7.1 (29/09/2014)

+ Show Google map in Shuttle tab - back end options created: Show on Address,  Show on Special routes, Show on Shuttles.

* Car minimum passengers has to be applied to Address and Special routes only

* Fixed Shuttle button "See price" doesn't work if hourly booking is previously selected - switch between tabs before submitting bookings.

* Minimum Distance and Minimum Distance price fix - now Minimum Distance price will work without Min Distance comparing Front end Total to Min price and displaying the higher one.


Taxi Booking version 3.7 (26/09/2014)

+ Admin add New + Edit Order at the back end

+ Charge per min for the duration of the whole journey

+ Minimum passenger in Car management

+ When 100% coupon, no redirect to payment gateway

+ Move SMS check box right under the phone number in the previous screen

+ Warning messages preventing the booking then Map, Direction do not load at front end

* Special route issue - blank Map screen

* Bug Fix in Hourly booking - Loading time too long

* Added to language files: "Status" and "Details via email" from SMS text to be translatable

* 12 hr time format popup issue - hours start with 1 instead of 0


Taxi Booking version 3.6 (15/09/2014)

+ Shuttles for Taxi Booking - now sell tickets for Buses, Tours and Shuttles

+ Joomla Language will be passed to Google Map to match the website language

+ Hrs/Mins popup in all booking tabs

+ Total at the end of every line in price Debug (front end Cars table)

* Fixed strict standards, notices, warnings in admin panel for J2.5

* Fixed Default tab issue on booking form reload

* Load optimization for Distance sectors in both Settings and Car management

- Removed Default Map for Hourly and Shuttle booking


Taxi Booking version 3.5.1 (25/08/2014)

+ Reply to booking customer directly in Order confirmation email

+ User Details custom fields - now you can publish Custom fields in the User Details step of the booking form

+ Reset Area button in Area of Operation map in Base Settings

* Fixed some Strict standards messages on some server set ups


Taxi Booking version 3.5 (10/08/2014)

+ Coupon codes for Taxi Booking - create coupon codes at the back end and email them to your loyal customers

* Added new language strings

* Minor bug fixes - Custom fields Extras not shown in some instances


Taxi Booking version 3.4.4 (18/07/2014)

* Minor bug fixes on some installations and price calculation for Return discounts with Cumulative and Non-cumulative Distance sectors

* Better integration with the mobile app


Taxi Booking version 3.4.3 (07/07/2014)

+ Debug price in Settings > General settings tab - if set to Yes logged in Super users (not visible by any other user group) will be able to see the price constructor at the front end with all items added to Total. Very useful if you are using a complex price calculation like Cumulative distance sectors and Discounts

* Bug fix with Discount on Distance sectors Cumulative pricing

* Better mobile app integration


Taxi Booking version 3.4.2 (26/06/2014)

+ Price round off options added in Price settings: No round-up, Whole number, Nearest 5 upwards

+ Added flat rate Discounts in Distance sectors


Taxi Booking version 3.4.1 (31/05/2014)

+ Area of operation - now you can draw your area of operation on the map at the back end and can restrict Pickups/Drop-offs outside the area.

* Fixed showing all vehicles regardless of the number of Adult seats selected.

* Fixed special characters breaking the taxi booking form in some cases.

* Other minor bug fixes, design and language improvements.


Taxi Booking version 3.4 (30/04/2014)

+ Developed Order export/import API to integrate Taxi Booking with other dispatch systems. Contact us for documentation and details.

* Minor bugs and design issues fixed


Taxi Booking Version 3.3.2 (20/03/2014)

+ Multi discount on Return trip based on Waiting time at the destination.

+ Custom fields on Address search.

+ New Custom fields type - Option list - construct option drop down for your customers to choose from at the front end.

+ Google Maps API key field in Maps tab - note that this is not thoroughly tested and requires an SSL certificate for your website according to Google's documentation


Taxi Booking Version 3.3.1 (12/03/2014)

! Since 23rd of September 2013 Google introduced a route calculation limit for single IP (shared hosting servers are on the same IP) at 2500 queries per day. This query limit is reached on some servers where Taxi Booking is installed and an Error message from Google will be served instead of "No route could be calculated message". Google is giving the opportunity to purchase more queries in a Google Maps for Business account - $0.50 for 1000 queries currently and we have added 2 fields for Business account credentials at back end Settings > Map settings tab.

* SMS sending is changed to use cURL instead of allow_url_fopen which created problems on some server configurations

* Minor CSS and language modifications


Taxi Booking Version 3.3 (28/02/2014)
+ Stops at front end booking form. Allow your customers to make up to 8 stops along the way with selected time spent at the stop charged by the minute.
+ SMS notifications on Orders by Clickatell - Thank you Nisha and Michelle!
+ Merged POI and Address fields at Address search tab.
+ Improved back end Settings panel with easy to turn on/off options and many help explanations on labels hover.
+ Improved Points of Interest back end - start typing Point of Interest and quickly select it from Google auto-suggest. Coordinates will be filled in automatically.
+ Full compatibility of this version with the Android taxi booking app.
* Fixed bug where form could be submitted without a selection of payment methods.
* Fixed bug where Return Custom fields will not show if one of the destinations is an Address.
* Design and functionality improvements both in module and component and the communication between the two.
* Minor other bugs crushed.


Taxi Booking Version 3.2.3 (01/02/2014)
* Minimum price can be now used by itself. If no Minimum distance is set then the calculated Car prices will be compared to the Minimum price and whichever value is higher will be shown at Front end Cars table (Useful for Delivery companies with higher Minimum price).
* Fixed module redirection to component Cars selection without the need to click on See Price button at the component page.


Taxi Booking Version 3.2.2 (29/01/2014)
+ Find user location button on the Address search field.
+ Drop off Category selector added to Taxi Booking Module.
+ Help tooltips at back end to explain some of the Back end options.
* Some missing texts added to Translation files.


Taxi Booking Version 3.2.1 (21/01/2014)

+ Drop off Category drill down on Special routes.

* Changed some labels and added some missing Translation texts.
* Improvements on One-page booking design and functionality especially in mobile browsers.
* Fixed problem with Return wording on One-page booking
* Fixed filter orders by date at front end Orders list while logged in as Administrator
* Fixed Ajax loop on User details panel in One-page booking


Taxi Booking Verison 3.2 (14/01/2014)

+ One-page booking process - this allows displaying the whole booking process on one page using accordion panels between the booking steps. Option at the back end Settings > General settings > One-page booking: Yes/No has been created if you would like to keep the old multipage booking style - Thank you Jas!
+ Some more design fields in back end Settings > Design tab - Separate fields for Font colour on Booking Form, Font colour on other Steps and Highlights.


Taxi Booking Version 3.1.9 (30/12/2013) 

+ Trip duration added to back end Orders details view - will not be visible for previous orders as there is no record in the database 
* CSV export after Date filter doesn't export just filtered results but all Orders - fixed
* Scroll bars on Dropdowns for POI and Special routes for long lists - fixed
* Address search was allowing for users to type in free text without picking a suggestion resulting in improper journey calculation - fixed

Taxi Booking Version 3.1.8 (22/12/2013)

+ Cumulative price. Now Multiple distance price range is 2 types: Non-cumulative - journey is charged based on the length multiplied by the price set for that segment length eg. If a journey is 10 miles and 0 to 5 miles x $1, 5 to 15 miles x $2, then the total will be 10x$2=$20 because journey length is 10 miles. Cumulative - journey is split into segments defined by you at the back end, Total is calculated by adding each journey segment multiplied by the price for this segment eg. If a journey is 10 miles and 0 to 5 miles x $1, 5 to 15 miles x $2, then the total will be (5x1)+(5x2)=$15
+ Translation - Points of Interest categories, Special routes are now translatable via select language option. Terms and conditions and Email header and footer will show a text field for each language installed on your website.
+ Duplicate buttons for Points of Interest categories and Special routes
+ Show description of Points of Interest under the selected field at the front end should you chose to enter a description for your POIs.


Taxi Booking Version 3.1.7 (13/12/2013)

+ Car Type in car management: cars are shown by car type at the front end with the number of cars of a certain type in the description (Combine Cars by Type option at back end settings)
+ Duplicate button in cars management list to quickly create cars of the same type
+ Track availability now is optional. At the car management Track availability can be set for each individual car


Taxi Booking Version 3.1.6 (07/12/2013)

+ Back end completely responsive for Joomla 3.x
+ Points of Interest not assigned to Pick up or Drop off can still be used to create Special offers - will be invisible in Address POI search but can be a part of a Special route Fixes
* Dropdown for Category in Special routes does not change background colour according to back end Design setting
* Booking allowed after (hours) has to be applied just for initial Pick up not for Return pick up (between initial Drop off and Return pick up)
* In front end Directions panel the distance unit is not changing to miles/kilometres according to back end setting
* Additional fee for POI not added to Total when Swap is used on Special Routes


Taxi Booking Version 3.1.5 (25/11/2013)

+ Category selection on Special offers, show Pick up - Drop off drill down based on category selected - Option at the back end to turn this On/Off
+ Create custom fields for return routes, enhancement added to Custom fields manager - Option at the back end to turn this On/Off
+ Most of the sections at the back end are now responsive for mobile use with Joomla 3
* better Swap routes functionality for Special routes


Taxi Booking Version 3.1.4 (12/11/2013)

+ Taxi Booking comes in one installable package containing component, module, PayPal and Cash payment methods

+ Live update for Taxi Booking through the back end - new version notification and one-click update


Taxi Booking Version 3.1 (24/10/2013)

+ Taxi Booking is compatible with Joomla 3.1.5 now.
+ Base for your business for those who start their journeys from the same location they can now set prices to make up for the "dead mileage" from the Base to Pick up point and Drop off point to Base.


Taxi Booking Version 3.0.1 (04/10/2013)

+ Total redesign and update for even better responsiveness for mobile devices and different template integration.
+ Design tab where you can change the appearance of the booking form to blend better with your template.
+ When no default country is selected at the back end Settings, Address search will allow searching globally which is useful if you operate in more than one country.
+ Updated module with responsive design and mirroring component's colour design.
* Fixed Deposit payment which is moved to the new PayPal payment gateway plugin.
* Fixed PDF invoice text printed on top of each other.
* Fixed POI assigned to Pick up or Drop off only showing in both drop-downs at the front end.


Taxi Booking Version 2.9.2 (25/08/2013)

+ Hourly hire for vehicles

+ Choice between inline and jQuery calendar (front end date picker)

+ Enable/Disable Captcha

+ Create your own PDF invoice title


Taxi Booking Version 2.8.1 (10/07/2013)

+ Car availability
+ Additional charge for single POI
+ Tabs for Address search and Special offers
+ Load current date at the front end (both component and module)
+ Default number of Adult seats selected at the front end (both component and module)


Taxi Booking Version 2.7.4 (20/06/2013)

+ Tabs at front end form for Address search and Special routes to visually separate these 2 functions. Backend setting which tab to be shown first.

+ Point of interest Additional fee - add fees like parking charge to each Point of Interest at the back end. The fee is added to the Order total at the front end.


New Release for Joomla 2.5 (07/06/2013)

+ Direct message system at back end Order details - Admin can send HTML messages to users.
+ Special Routes ordering manually - Special routes will be showed as Admin orders them at the back end instead of Alphabetically.
+ Driver will receive an email when he is assigned to an Order.
+ When "Show price" is set to No at the admin area, PDF invoice will not be sent to the client.
+ "Custom fields" description as Tip (pop up) at the front end on "Custom field" title Hover.
+ New option for Custom fields type "Extra": Allow 0: Yes/No. If Yes is selected default extra will be 1 at the front end, which means at least 1 must be purchased. Useful to force Extra charge for POI like Airport parking fee.
+ Translation of Points of Interest with Joomla 2.5 native translation system (similar to how you translate Menu items and Articles in Joomla 2.5) - Copy of each POI for each separate language and easy to use "Duplicate" button in POI list view back end. Select language drop-down in POI edit view.
+ "Filter by Car" drop-down and "Car" column at back end Orders list.
+ Enable Delete Orders in back end Orders list.
+ Forbid changing Order status to Waiting for past periods at the back end - only Choose Reject or Archive.
Bug fixes:
* Rename "Percentage Cost" in emails to "Tax"
* Date and time not visible at front end "My Orders" page and "Order details" front end.
* Return calendar does not have caption Date, Hr, Min.
* If POI is selected and "Custom fields" shown, custom fields do not disappear if the radio is changed to Address instead.


New Release for Joomla 2.5 (25/04/2013)
+ Custom fields and Extras to collect more information and up-sell services and products.
+ Swap destinations at the front end for Special routes (flat-rate) for quick booking without the need to create separate routes for Pick up and Drop off swap.


New Release for Joomla 2.5 (20/03/2013)

+ Run Taxi Booking without showing any prices to the clients

+ Add price for each car in Special Routes (limo or flat rate charge mode)

+ Hide Points of Interest and/or Address auto-suggest fields at the front end for better Limo booking/Flat rate charge integration

+ American Date and Time format option switch


New Release for Joomla 2.5 (08/03/2013)
+ Special Routes as Flat rate charges - Now limousine and shuttle companies can use Taxi Booking as well

+ Categories for Points of Interest to organize Points of Interest and upload of category image that shows in front end POI drop down as an icon

+ Individual price per mile/kilometre for each car


New Release Taxi Booking v2.1 for Joomla 2.5 (23/01/2013)

* fix: Show Driver name in emails, PDF invoices and Order details

* fix: Show Google map at front end centred to Default city entered at the back end

* fix: Terms and Condition HTML display at Front end

+ Silent registration of User on the first order, stacking up orders to the same user by checking email used at booking, create Menu item leading to user's My Orders Taxi Booking section to make accessible at the front end


New Release for Joomla 2.5 (18/01/2013)

+ Responsive layout

+ Price per mile/kilometre based on different (configurable) mile ranges.


New Release for Joomla 2.5 (20/11/2012)
+ Cars management at the back end. Ajax select of cars from a list at the front end.


New Release for Joomla 2.5 (29/08/2012)

* Special Routes destinations not showing in user's email and back end Orders view.


New Release for Joomla 2.5 (21/08/2012)

+ Driver management. Assign Joomla users as drivers, assign drivers to Orders, drivers receive a confirmation email when assigned an order. Drivers can view their orders at the front end after login (link Orders on Taxi Booking Main page appears for Drivers, Administrators and Super Users)

+ Sort orders by Payment method, Order Status, Assigned Driver and Date

+ Export sorted orders to CSV

+ Message system for direct communication with Clients via back end edit Order screen

* Fixed Main page title and enable Menu item Page Title, Meta description and keywords (default in Joomla 2.5)
* Terms and Conditions back end text field added. Open in new page front end on the summary page

New Release for Joomla 2.5 (14/07/2012)

* Added Payment Gateway

* Added Special Offers section where you can enter flat rate price between two destinations (Special Routes) at the back end and your clients can make a quick booking of this Special Offer at Joomla's front end

* Minor bug fixes, layout improvements and code cleaning 


New Release for Joomla 2.5 (05/04/2012)
* Added PDF invoice generation after Order status changed to "Accepted" - Joomla 2.5 only
* PDF invoice attached to client email on Order Accepted - Joomla 2.5 only


New in Version 1.3.3 (20/04/2012)
* Added Taxi Booking module
* Minor layout and language bug fixes 


New in Version 1.3.2 (19/03/2012):
* NetCommerce payment gateway Test mode enabled.
* Custom work to add more payment Gateways available. 


New in Version 1.3 (15/3/2012):
* Taxi Booking for Joomla 1.5 is updated with the new Google Maps API v.3 so an API key is no longer required.
* Enable/Disable visual Map with route and Directions panels
* Better styled order emails
* Ability to add logo or banner as an order email Header
* HTML text editor for email Headers
* HTML text editor for email Footer
* NetCommerce credit card payment gateway
* Orders will no longer be deleted if you re-install/update the component (ver 1.3 and up) 


Version 1.2 Stable
*Ajax County/District fields for countries that don't use Zip/Postcode system
*Default Country and City input at back end settings.
*Points of Interest - Any destination (airports, seaports, stations) can be hardcoded with an exact location at the back end
*Distance unit Miles or Kilometers.
*Default Currency and Currency symbol choice at the back end
*Surcharge by Date - eg. set up Christmas price increase by 50%
*Visual Google map with Directions at the front end confirmation page 

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