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Language changes in Taxi Booking


Taxi Booking 4.1.8 (17/09/2017)

+ New Horizontal module - comes installed with the package but you have to Publish it

* Fix - No pointer was showing on the map for Pickup address field for Hourly hire (in case of own base car)

* Scroller added in Phone Country code list in 3rd step


Taxi Booking 4.1.7 (15/08/2017)

+ Pickup address for Hourly booking at frontend when at least one car with own base exists

* Fix - Car with own base was able to pick up outside of its own area of operation in some cases

* Fix - TB User entries created with no Joomla User ID in some cases

* Fix - Yearly recurring block offs not working perfectly in some cases

* Fix - Fix database button in backend dashboard does not work in some cases

* Fix - Booking allowed after (hours) not working in Taxi Booking module

* Fix - In some cases, Order email was not in order language when order was accepted from backend

* Fix - Review request email is now multilingual

* Fix - Few missing translations

* Fix - Return Custom fields not saving from backend order edit in some cases

* Fix - Redevelopment of JoomSEF plugin for latest Joomla


Taxi Booking 4.1.6 (15/06/2017) 

* Fix - distance unit (kilometres/miles) texts below the right side map and 2nd step Booking summary are not translatable

* Fix - Email confirmation header and footer not multilingual, Payment method text in confirmation email not multilingual

* Fix - See all car types button in 2nd step was not working in new design

* Fix - JavaScript error when Address search was disabled in some cases

* Fix - Update in retrieving POST in Joomla 3.7.2 in some cases

* Fix - For the same pickup and return date, return hours should show from 1 if pickup is in AM and return is in PM

* Fix - Address search custom fields not showing in 3rd step for Hourly booking

* Fix - Reset password from My account not working in new design

* Fix - Search URL for Special Offers booking not populated the trip points in Map in some cases 


Taxi Booking 4.1.5 (30/04/2017)

+ Add estimated time along with estimated distance under the map for new design first step

* Fix - Shuttle description not showing in the Taxi Booking module

* Fix - Shuttle POI Categories list not showing in Taxi Booking module

* Fix - PayPal orders status changed to Rejected for Transactions not Completed

* Fix - Changing Pickup for Special Offers not clearing the 2nd marker on the Map

* Fix - Second Booking at Component Form does not clear the previous booking data for a booking from the Taxi Booking module


Taxi Booking 4.1.4 (05/04/2017)

+ Build own Order number based on date.

* Fix - Coupon not working for Special routes in New design.

* Fix - Negative value was accepted as Service charge.


Taxi Booking 4.1.3 (20/03/2017)

+ Added Mandatory option for Optionlist and Extras custom field at backend

+ Child seat price for Shuttle route stops (child tickets)

* Fix - Shuttle route data from TB module not showing Cars result correctly 


Taxi Booking 4.1.2 (04/02/2017)

* Fix - Order submission and edit from backend not working in some cases

* Fix - Special Offers Custom fields not carried to some instances of old design booking form


Taxi Booking 4.1.1 (26/01/2017)

+ Base for each car - new option in Car management

+ Daily Car Hire - new Service type

* Fix - added a delay on getting Addresses from Google and POI list when Combine POI and address = YES

* Fix - Custom fields selected values were not being carried from TB module (in some cases for Fixed fare booking) to New design Step3

* Fix - Backend and frontend order list not loading in some cases

* Fix - show Distance in backend order details screen

Language changes in Taxi Booking

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