Taxi Booking 4.2.5 (30/11/2018)

+ Base settings, Pick up in Area: Inside/Outside/Anywhere, same for Dropoff in area
+ Default Tab feature added in the modules - select Default active tab, this way you can have different active services on different pages
* Fix - handle error "A non well formed numeric value encountered" when pricing in the wrong format (1,6, with a comma instead of a decimal point) in several places like Distance sector prices, PayPal prices in configuration tab etc.
* Fix - Backend Search URL copy to clipboard not working
* Fix - Taxi Booking modules optimization
* Fix - Custom fields
* Fix - Enabling reminder emails for return bookings
* Fix - Application for DriveNot network not working
* Fix - several minor fixes


Taxi Booking 4.2.4 (05/11/2018)

* Fix - Show Checkout popup on click event instead of hover
* Fix - Status saving from Frontend Order details page in My Orders table
* Fix - change the message text in LIVE update


Taxi Booking 4.2.3 (18/10/2018)

* Fix - Live update fix
* Fix - Country calling code in the 3rd step booking form not always showing the selected value
* Fix - Custom fields not showing correctly for the Return trip
* Fix - Google Maps API optimization


Taxi Booking 4.2.2 (25/06/2018)

* Fix - Separate Time label at front end booking form (for mobile devices)
* Fix - Removed Dropoff date/time from emails and PDF receipts


Taxi Booking 4.2.1 (04/06/2018)

+ Multilingual Cars - translate Car title and Description in all installed languages
* Fix - Private tours improvements
* Fix - Redirect to Thank you page after Order submission on some servers


Taxi Booking 4.2 (10/05/2018)

+ Private tours


Taxi Booking 4.1.9 (23/03/2018)

+ New API endpoint to get available languages in JSON format for mobile app
* Fix - Download ID not being added to Download URL in Live update
* Fix - Already selected driver does not get listed in Driver select list in backend edit order screen 
* Fix - On Account page, registered tabs header should not be shown for guest users
* Fix - Different country code than Base country calling code does not get listed in Backend Order edit
* Fix - Already selected user in Backend Coupon Edit could not be removed
* Fix - Editing a Frontend order from Backend does not apply coupon assigned to order user
* Fix - Important mobile layout fixes
* Fix - Synchronize TB and Joomla users do not update user information (name, email etc.) in TB users database
* Fix - coupon not working for separate Special offers
* Fix - Google place autocomplete binding for hourly pickup address even if no Car own base covering the address is found
* Fix - Cars were not showing for Dailyhire booking at backend order edit
* Fix - fixes for a few Chrome console errors


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