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Taxi Booking 4.3.2 (23/07/2019)

* Added currency Croatian kuna
* Different subjects for different Order notification emails to Admins, Drivers and Passengers
* Fix - Send Driver accept/decline email only for orders already Accepted by an admin
* Fix - Submitting new orders from the back end was not working in some cases
* Some depreciated PHP functions updated


Taxi Booking 4.3.1 (15/07/2019)

+ Assign incoming orders to Random Drivers/Cars instead of always the lowest Car ID for same car types
* Fix - Cannot delete special dates in Tariff backend
* Fix - Separate tariff for return trip not considered


Taxi Booking 4.3.0 (17/06/2019)

+ Added function to show or hide each service type tab in the module
+ Added new layout for the horizontal module
* Fix - error in car translation saving query
* Fix - separate special routes cache files for each installed language
* Fix - first step custom fields were only showing on POI Category selection in Special offers, now they are showing even if Show POI Category: No
* Fix - various minor bug fixes


Taxi Booking 4.2.9 (25/05/2019)

+ Order cancellation number in Order notification emails when custom receipt number is used
+ Maximum trip distance restriction option
+ Either Pick up or Drop off must be in the Area of operation: Yes/No in Base settings
+ Added show or hide options at the modules to manage service type tabs
* Fix - Return extras not working properly from TB module
* Fix - Increase config table size to allow longer terms and conditions texts
* Fix - POI images path to show POI icons correctly


Taxi Booking 4.2.8 (16/05/2019)

+ Cache Special routes to make the front end form loading faster
* Fix - custom field value is not doubled on return trips
* Fix - first step custom fields price added twice in some cases
* Fix - removed POIs from Google Autocomplete address search results
* Fix - Google Map API loading when only Special routes are enabled
* Fix - loading UTF-8 chars for an INI text in Order edit view
* Fix - Edit car screen does not allow translation of car description


Taxi Booking 4.2.7 (28/03/2019)

* PDF receipt generation was not working on some servers

* Various minor bug fixes for different servers and PHP, SQL environments

* Horizontal module improvements


Taxi Booking 4.2.6 (29/01/2019)

+ Add Private Tour feature in Horizontal module layout and various module improvements
+ Send Test SMS button in Backend -> SMS settings
+ Clickatell New API implemented
* Fix - My orders list in My account "+" and "-" overlapping the date


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