Taxi Booking can integrate with Facebook and you can publish the booking form on a Facebook page and take bookings directly on Facebook.

Because we have coded Taxi Booking to work in an iFrame you can use it virtually anywhere where iFrames can be published including on other website and even WordPress blogs.


  • Taxi Booking installed on your website
  • Menu item to Taxi Booking - Booking form
  • Facebook account
  • Facebook page
  • 5 minutes time to spare

Only thing you have to do is add ?tmpl=component to the end of the URL eg.

The above URL will load just Taxi Booking's form without any other content form your website.

We have tested both Cash and PayPal payments work great in iFrame.

You can see the Facebook Taxi Booking demo here.

Here is a tutorial on how to integrate Taxi Booking with Facebook and publish it on your Facebook page. 

You can see the Video tutorial

This tutorial is for the service from

After you log in to your Facebook account you will be able to select a Facebook page that you manage and would like to add Taxi Booking as a Tab.

(This method may have been discontinued by Facebook) Click on Settings > Edit page > Add a tab button to start.

Type in your Tab name and Change Tab image text if you like. And click on Install tab now.

Then click on "Change app" button in the modal window.

In the right hand side menu select "Website option" and then click on the "Use Website app" button in the top right corner.

Facebook requires your page to run over SSL (https:// instead of http://). If you don't have SSL certificate on your website the content may not be visible in Facebook.

There is a trick that you can use to show Taxi Booking on Facebook but we don't recommend that as a permanent solution. It is best that you install SSL certificate on your website and secure the Data transferred.

To test how Taxi Booking integrates with Facebook go to and paste your URL in the URL shortner bar. Then copy the short URL and instead of http:// use https:// and paste the short URL here in "Web page address:" bar eg.

Click on "update preview" to see if it works.

Click on "Save & Publish".

Now you will have Taxi Booking published on your Facebook page as a separate tab and will enjoy boost of business coming your way.


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