Due to Google Maps API recent changes all new websites using Google Maps API have to use Google Maps API keys. 

You must get 2 separate keys from Google Developer Console.

Click on Enable APIs. Create a project and enable the following Google Maps APIs:

Google Maps Directions API 
Google Maps Distance Matrix API 
Google Maps Geocoding API 
Google Maps JavaScript API 

Then go to Credentials > Create credentials > API key.

After the key is generated you have to click on "Restrict key" or Edit the key if you are on API keys list. Name the key "Browser key" and select "HTTP referrers (websites)" radio option - this indicates that the key will be used on your website. You can specify your website address so no other applications can use this key.

Now you should add this key as API Browser key at your website Back end > Taxi Booking > Settings > Map settings. 

After you have done that go back to Google developer console and click on Create credentials > API key > Restrict key.

Name this key "Server key" and select "IP addresses (web servers, cron jobs, etc.)" radio restriction. Here you can add your Server IP address to restrict the key being used by only your Server. 

You have to add this key as API Server key at Back end > Taxi Booking > Settings > Map settings. 

It may take around 10 mins for those changes in Google Developer console to take effect.

Please make sure that you enter correct Browser and Server API keys at Taxi Booking > Settings > Map Settings.
Alos please set "SSL Enabled?: Yes".

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