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​​​​Taxi booking translations


As you already know Taxi Booking for Joomla is somewhat community driven software. It is thanks to you Visitor that we continue developing and supporting Taxi Booking for Joomla.

We have started a Translation section on our website where you can add a translation of Taxi Booking in a different language than English or you can contribute by translating new phrases added to the language files because of new Taxi Booking features. To add a translation just go to Products/Taxi Booking/Translations log in and click on the New button in the bottom left corner.
Or you can Download translations by copying the text into a translation file.

There is nothing better for customer credibility and SEO to have your website in your customer's native language!


looking for beta testers of the mobile apps


Mobile apps are ready. Yey!

We are currently looking for beta testers of the Android and iOS mobile apps for Taxi Booking. If you are interested please Contact us so we can share app Download infromation with you.


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