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What's worth 3 months on DriveNot mobile booking app?

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DriveNot network is coming in strong, are you in or out ?!

Visitor, apps like Uber are ripping you off, either because they steal your business or because your partnership with them raise your prices.

DriveNot mobile booking app that connects your Taxi Booking website to your customer's mobile fones and gives them great user experience and drives more business to you. Unlike many other apps DriveNot combines e-hailing with advanced bookings the same way your Taxi Booking website does but on the go and on your customer's mobiles.
To celabrate app's upcoming release we have decided to offer you 2 months free of charge participation + 1 additional month if you submit a 5 star review for Taxi Booking at Capterra. No advance subscription and no commitment. Try it and decide if it's right for your business, we can discuss if you wish to continue participating in 2 (3) months time.
All you have to do is Contact us through and we will arrange your inclusion in the app.
* This offer is valid until the end of August
** Latest version of Taxi Booking is necessary to connect to the app, please update if you haven't done so yet

​​​​​​​​​​​Taxi booking 3.5 is out including coupon codes feature


We have just released Taxi Booking 3.5 with Coupon codes functionality

Now you can create Coupon codes through Taxi Booking's back end and email them to your most loyal customers.
Critera to create Coupon codes include Start and End date, Joomla user group, Single user, particular email address, one or more Special routes, Hits limit or combination of these critera.

Use Coupon codes in your loyalty and customer retention startegies as this can be a very powerful tool to help with your business success.


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