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Taxi Booking new version 3.10 - including URL building for Booking from external websites

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Taxi Booking version 3.10 includes URL building - Search URLs pre-filling the Booking form

Visitor, we have released Taxi Booking 3.10 with a functionality that will enhance your Marketing efforts.

Add Ready Booking links to other websites, banners and key positions on your own website.

This functionality that was sponsored by the Development crowd funding section on has been implemented into Taxi Booking and is working great.
We have tested it for all Booking types and can't wait to see your feedback.

* Besides normal booking types you can construct tracking URLs like Google AdWords and affiliate programs - just add the parameters in the URL builder.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​previous version 3.9 of Taxi booking

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In version 3.9 of Taxi Booking we have added Google Calendar integration - another functionality funded in the Development crowd funding section of

Google Calendar will visually display Orders made on your system making it easier to track car availability and performance.

You can read about Google Calendar integration here:


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