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Progressive Web App for Joomla

Subscription to Progressive Web App for Joomla.

Before you purchase please make sure that you have the following on your server:

Your server needs PHP GMP extension ( If it's not enabled already, please contact your Hosting provider for help.

Browsers need to verify your identity. A standard called VAPID can authenticate you for all browsers. You'll need to create and provide a public and private key for your server and add those keys in the Component Options panel.

To generate the uncompressed public and secret key, encoded in Base64, enter the following in your Linux bash via SSH or contact your Hosting provider for help.

3 separate commands:

$ openssl ecparam -genkey -name prime256v1 -out private_key.pem

$ openssl ec -in private_key.pem -pubout -outform DER|tail -c 65|base64|tr -d '=' |tr '/+' '_-' >> public_key.txt

$ openssl ec -in private_key.pem -outform DER|tail -c +8|head -c 32|base64|tr -d '=' |tr '/+' '_-' >> private_key.txt

When the .txt files are generated you can open them and copy and paste the keys into your Joomla website > Components >  Progressive App > Options panel.

Download the web-push-php library and upload it to SITE_ROOT/libraries/vendor/. Unzip it there or unzip prior to upload, the library has to end up in SITE_ROOT/libraries/vendor/web-push-php/

We can only provide support if the above requirements are fully met!


After successful purchase please log in to the website and you will see Register button turn to User Options. In User Options select My Downloads to go to the download area of the website.

90 days support via email and Support tickets at included.

  • Renew any time. Renewing your subscription will give you access to the latest available downloads and support section. Unlike with other renewal programs you will not lose any subscription time if you update early. 

Even when your subscription expires the Software will NOT stop working!

The Software will run indefinitely and you can use it on multiple domains and modify it to your liking as it is Fully Open Source.

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