#1571 – Strange behaviour of custom fields with some POI in address search

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Saturday, 13 October 2018 21:17 BST
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 Hello team,
there is some strange things with some custom fields and some POI; These custom fields do not show if Return check box is checked.
Custom fields in question are: Terminal and Flight number (in English and French languages).

How to reproduce in module on my test site https://aramis-paris.com/test3/en:
-Select Address Tab in module
-TAXI FROM: Airport Charles De Gaulle (CDG), Roissy, France
-TAXI TO: Airport Beauvais - Tille (BVA), France
-Click on Return check box.
You will see that under Pick Up field the custom field "Flight number" is not displayed
But under Drop Off field custom field "Terminal" is displayed.
If you permute FROM and TO, it will be the "Terminal" custom field that is not displayed.

I can reproduce this issue only with "Airport Beauvais - Tille (BVA), France" POI and only in English and French version of the site, Russian version works fine.

You can also reproduce this issue in component.
Tuesday, 16 October 2018 13:50 BST
Hi Serge,

Finally we could detect the problem and we have uploaded a fix to your Test website so that we can test together there before releasing next TaxiBooking version. Please check on your website here https://aramis-paris.com/test3.

One important thing, if a custom field is assigned Show on Pickup = YES, then this custom field should be visible at the Dropoff point of the Return journey. So, Show on Dropoff for Return has to be YES and Show on Pickup for Return has to be NO. We have set it for Flight number custom field at backend.

Please let us know your comments.

- shariar.
Sunday, 11 November 2018 17:54 GMT
SystemPay for Taxi Booking, Taxi Booking recurring updates Annually
Hello Shariar,
I need to display custom fields according to the logic of our transportation services.
In case of custom field "Flight Number" I need the next thing:
Show on Pickup = YES
Show on Drop off = No
Show on Return = Yes
Return Show on Pickup = YES (I need to show this field on the pick up because we meet and waiting for the flight)
Return Show on Drop Off = No (I don't need to show this field on the drop off because I don't need this information on drop off, I just need to know the terminal where to drop the client)

What I ask you it's to make it work as it is intended,
I need to have the freedom to specify which custom field will be visible or not on every booking stage.

For instance if for return journey I select Show on Drop Off = NO it must be invisible on drop off, but in same time if I select to Show this field on Pick Up for return journey it must be visible on the pick up!
Otherwise I don't see the reason why to offer to the backend user a possibility to select where to Show or Not to show the field if it does not work.

Best regards.
Sunday, 11 November 2018 20:15 GMT
SystemPay for Taxi Booking, Taxi Booking recurring updates Annually
It seems to work fine, Flight number fields showed as intended!
Thank you!
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