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Sunday, 04 November 2018 11:42 GMT
SystemPay for Taxi Booking, Taxi Booking recurring updates Annually
Hello, team, I've detected another strange behaviour of custom fields in the back end!
It happens when I edit an order (for instance address search) from the back end.

How to reproduce?
- Just click on the order at the backend
- then click on edit button
- then save the order.

You will see the custom fields to appear, fields that were not there before saving.
You will see some fields to disappear like "Leave base"!

For instance, if I edit order from Russian side of my site, after editing and saving I see custom fields from all languages of my site to appear in the order.
Like here:
Other useful information (optional):
Autres informations utiles:
Другая полезная информация:
I see custom fields "Other useful information" from all languages of my site!

I would like to join to this message screenshots but I can not, I see the error message:
Uploaded file is not an image file and you do not have permission.

Best regards.
Sunday, 04 November 2018 16:08 GMT
RedSys for Taxi Booking
Hi Serge,

Showing all custom fields at Backend Order edit is intentional. On a multilingual site, frontend customers can choose an active language and Booking form shows custom fields based on that selected language. But at backend, default language is automatically selected and site administrator can't switch between available languages on New Order screen whereas admin may need to submit an order in other languages except the default one. Lets say, default language at backend is English, but site admin has to submit an order in Russian language from backend, then he will fill up the New Order Form in Russian, this is why, we are showing all custom fields so that admin can fill up the Russian custom fields although active language is English. And, it is Site administrator who knows the system properly, he knows all his custom fields added for several languages, there is no reason that he will be confused to see all the custom fields.

If you think different or have any different idea, then please don't forget to share with us :)

Thanks & Regards
Monday, 05 November 2018 13:13 GMT
SystemPay for Taxi Booking, Taxi Booking recurring updates Annually
Ok, I understand.
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