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#1744 – Joomla Taxi Booking - Private Tours - dev

Posted in ‘Taxi Booking’
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Friday, 12 April 2019 08:35 BST
 Hi Support Team,

Have you worked on the ticket 1363 (oct 2017 - Serge).

I agree with him that the most important option is to allow a search based on the departing point which is logically created in the POI. Logically, tourists usually do not know well the region / area and therefore it is better to mention Place of Pick up they can find easily on the city map as a choice argument / condition to ease their choice.
Then of course come on equal position the duration and the tour destinations / POI.

On top of that as mention in another ticket, it would be great to input the condition that links the duration of the tour and the availability of the couple driver / vehicle. Simply because Tours could show different duration and legally because nowadays [I know that is a pity ! ! ;-) ] salaried-worker are paid for a duration and not on an efficiency basis.... ! !

Last but not least, linked to a growing weight of SEO, Joomla offers fields to fill in for this purpose when you create POI categories and POIs. But you do not propose the possibility of consulting the description of these circuits in articles allowing to consult them like a catalog. Catalog at the same time useful to facilitate the choice of the Customers and at the same time useful for the SEO. purposes. That's just a pity (once again) ! !

I guess these points are a good starting point for everyone. Afterwards, everyone will necessarily have specific expectations based on local practices.

Please revert and inform.


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