#2051 – Values in custom field are not passed from module to component

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Sunday, 21 February 2021 12:36 GMT
SystemPay for Taxi Booking, Taxi Booking recurring updates Annually
When booking from the vertical module any type of service,
If you fill all custom fields in module like Flight number or Terminal and hit "see price"
then you are redirected to the component,
but in the component at the third stage all custom fields are empty.

You can see video here:

Monday, 08 March 2021 17:39 GMT

Sorry for the late. We have to fixed the issue. If you set any custom field "Display On" Value to "Last Booking step right" then that field will not show in the module and that field will only show on booking form last step in component part.

Update is now in your test server. We will add this improvement to our next release so that you can update the package safely.

- Shariar.
Wednesday, 10 March 2021 12:15 GMT
SystemPay for Taxi Booking, Taxi Booking recurring updates Annually
Hi Shariar, now it's worst than before,
you can see it here:

In Offers and Address:
If I set Display field to First booking step, it is showed in module and not showed at the last step, so client can not see the summary of his booking on the last step and eventually correct some information.

In Hourly:
The problem is still here, the fields filled in the module are empty on the last booking step.

In Private tours:
The custom field "Guide options" is not showed in the module but it is however set to Display on : "First booking step".
If I set Display on: Last booking step right, this field is not showed at all.
We need to show this field also in the module if it set to Display on : "First booking step".

Client must see on the last booking step all the information he entered previously, and he must have the possibility to correct it.

Wednesday, 17 March 2021 13:28 GMT
SystemPay for Taxi Booking, Taxi Booking recurring updates Annually
Hello Shariar, now it works for all types of service, except for Hourly Hire,
There are three fields in the module, but their values are not passed to the last step of booking.
Monday, 24 April 2023 12:48 BST
RedSys for Taxi Booking
Hi Serge,

Sorry for the delay.

Please update TaxiBooking to the latest release and see if that fixes all the issues. If not, please let us know with a temporary backend and FTP credentials.

Thanks & Regards

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