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Wednesday, 05 May 2021 16:00 BST
Taxi Booking recurring updates Annually
I am setting up a new website from a fresh joomla instalation.

As such, I need to install TaxiBooking, but on the download page I only have a DownloadID for Live Update.

Both "Official Releases" and "Developer Releases" are empty.
Wednesday, 04 May 2022 12:22 BST
Taxi Booking recurring updates Annually
Hello good morning.
My name is Fernando
I'm using another server for my new website from my web developer "Webteer" at https://webteer.com/ as a temporary place for tests.
Originaly my website is www.gwchauffeurs.com and from there we developed the API for the gateway payment EASYPAY if I'm not wrong on these terms.
His name is Alexandre and you already swap emails with him.
Unforunately one year already passed since I sent this tiket.
Honestly I've just remembered it because I received an automatic email with the 99£ to pay saying "Your Taxi Booking recurring updates Annually subscription with the following details is going to expire soon:"
Unfortunately due to the last 2 years pandemic period my business almost died and everything was a bit sleepy.
Now I need your assistance because I'm having problems with my taxi booking that actually is already installed inside my new and still under construction website but my website developer he is unable to download the update for taxi booking that is flashing on joomla platform of "www.gwchauffeurs.com".
Besides that I've another issues with the program and it requires your assistance.
Can you assit me? Or that will be only possible after the next year renewall?

Fernando Ramos
Thursday, 05 May 2022 10:09 BST
Stripe for Taxi Booking
Hi Fernando,
you can always download the latest Taxi Booking from My Downloads area on this website.
Your developer can download the latest version or use a direct link to update Taxi Booking.
You should also have access to Easypay payment gateway.

Please try that and if it doesn't work please provide Temporary back end and FTP log in details to your website in a PRIVATE ticket so we can take a closer look and help you with your issue.

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