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#2120 – No vehicles available for this DateTime, please change DateTime and try again.

Posted in ‘Taxi Booking’
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Wednesday, 08 September 2021 22:12 BST
Stripe for Taxi Booking, Taxi Booking Drivers, Taxi Booking for Joomla 2.5/3.x
 Hi there,

I have bought both taxi booking and the driver plugin. The idea is to use this as sort of an on demand delivery application.

However, when I test this out, I get the message: No vehicles available for this DateTime, please change DateTime and try again.

It was my understanding that with the driver plugin, new orders would be sent out to drivers and they could choose to accept or not? Do I have to have drivers assigned to a particular car type in order to make this work?

Also, how do I limit this so that bookings have to be made 24 hours before the date and time desired?

Thursday, 09 September 2021 12:38 BST
Progressive Web App for Joomla, Stripe for Taxi Booking, Taxi Booking for WordPress, Tour Booking, Taxi Booking Light
Hi there,
Taxi Booking is not designed to be a delivery application but as the name suggests it is more geared towards the ride-booking industry. However, it can be adapted to suit delivery company needs but there might be some things that may not be removed.
For orders to go directly to the drivers each car has to have a driver assigned and when that car is booked then the driver will receive Accept/Reject order email. Here is the documentation regarding Taxi Booking Drivers plugin setup: https://kanev.com/docs/taxi-booking/taxi-booking-drivers

The "No Vehicles ..." message will show if there is no car available for the selected route - in most cases, this means that the component is not fully configured and cars in Car management are missing some settings eg. no car is set "Use as taxi: Yes" but Address search is enabled for the front end.
Please let us know what your business model is eg. fee per kilometre or Fixed fare between destinations etc.
It will be best if you provide Temporary back end access in a Private ticket so we can take a look at your settings.

You can limit the time when the next booking is allowed at the back end > Settings > General settings > Time before Pick up (hrs): XX

It is best that you open a separate support ticket for separate issues so they are easier to track and taken care of.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards.

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