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#2121 – Hide passengers and suitcases on cars??

Posted in ‘Taxi Booking’
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Thursday, 09 September 2021 06:22 BST
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 Hi there,

I am using this for a package delivery service, so passengers, suitcases etc. are irrelevant.

How do I hide these COMPLETELY on the vehicle selection tab? I will have different types of vehicle, so I do need to offer the option to select the vehicle type.


P.S. If you could reply soon? None of my tickets have been answered, and that's not really ideal.
Thursday, 09 September 2021 12:47 BST
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Hi there,
we are replying to tickets based on the severity of the issue and usually within 24 hours. Usually, setup tickets are replied to last as there is plenty of documentation available on the website and answers can be found there.

Taxi Booking depends on passenger and suitcase counts because based on these selections a car that can fit all passengers and suitcases is selected.
However, we have created a workaround that helps users in your situation. At the back end > Taxi Booking > Settings > General settings you can set "Show Adult Seats: No" and "Show Suitcase drop down: No" to hide these fields. Please make sure that you set the above filed "Default Adult Seats: 1" because this will tell the system that there is always at least 1 passenger in the car, also each car must have in Car management as a minimum 1 passenger and you can set Maximum passengers to 4 for all of your cars.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards.

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