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Thursday, 09 December 2021 20:47 GMT
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 Hi guys,how are you doing? wondering if you can create on my multiple websites the option to show payment on step number 3 Payment Info

Your system is great but people when introducing payment info on the pop up window are getting really confused because the button says PAY then it turns into green arrow,probably about 25% of the people are not clicking on submit booking and then that creates frustration and lots of lots of customer service questions because they think is booked and paid

I would love to pay you to create the option to enter credit card details on the same page but without pop up

please let me know if that is doable
Tuesday, 21 December 2021 09:16 GMT
Stripe for Taxi Booking
Hi there,
sorry for the late reply.

Which payment method are you referring to?
It seems like it is Stripe (correct me if I'm wrong). The payment flow is something that we cannot control - it is provided by the payment gateway. However, you might be able to change some of the texts on the buttons. Use Joomla language override to change "Pay" to "Save" for example, so that your customers know that the payment process has not been finished yet.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards.

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