#2230 – Tariffs issue for different prices for Day and Night

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Thursday, 15 December 2022 23:12 GMT
Dear support,
I hope you are fine
I need your help regarding the Tariffs area (different price for specific hours during the day and night). I read the manual but I am confused. I am using special routes with different prices per car because at this moment we have specific routes with specific prices. I am using also only POI, not address.
In the attachments you will find my settings
I have already created the POI CATEGORIES and the points of interest (in the attachment there is also an example with the settings)
I have already created the cars (in the attachment there is also an example with the settings)
I have already created the tariffs (in the attachment there is also an example with the settings)
The point is I am trying have different prices for night and different for the day but for sure something is going wrong with my settings. I tried to enter extra amounts in order be added to the final price for the specific hours but without success.
I appreciate your help because I am at the final step in order to activate it.
Thanks a lot one more time for your effort.
With regards
Friday, 16 December 2022 13:05 GMT
SumUp for Taxi Booking J4
Hi there,
Tariffs only work for taxi-style pricing - per mile/kilometer and will not work with Special Routes.
However, there is an easy workaround to have different tariffs for Days and Nights.
You will have to create duplicate cars with different prices for every Special route. In car availability, you can set the duplicate cars available one for day and one for night times (please note that the day finishes at 24:00 so if your night prices are for a period before and after 24:00 you will have to create 2 separate cars one finishing at 24:00 and the other starting from 00:05).

Hope this helps.
Kind regards.
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