#952 – system will not show me the next available time for the car ???

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Friday, 30 September 2016 19:05 BST
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Hello team support,

When I make a several booking in the same day, system will not show me the next available time for the car after the second booking ?
Why ?

Booking is allowed after 2 hours

For example :
I make a booking at 09am on the pickup date, system will show me that 11am is ok.
this is a journey of 30 minutes. I save my orders
After I would make a second booking at 09:10am take a new booking at 11:12pm, system will not show me the next available time for the car ?????
Why ?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,
Sunday, 02 October 2016 07:30 BST
RedSys for Taxi Booking
Hi Antonio,

I think I have noticed the problem. I submitted a test order (#57f0a6c8bc3aa) on 10:45 and then I tried second booking on the same time, but the system did not show me next available car which it should, instead it showed me no vehicle message. Then, I changed the date and tried booking on 10:45 again, it worked, it showed next available car. This might be related to browser cookie, please provide Temporary back end and FTP log in details to your website in a PRIVATE ticket so we can take a closer look and help you with your issue.

Issue description:

Ftp server:
Ftp user:
Ftp password:

Website URL:
Back end URL:
Super user:

Thanks a lot
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