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This WordPress taxi plugin can be used for online taxi booking, online coach (shuttle, bus, boat, ferry, aeroplane) ticket booking, online limousine booking, online cab and minicab booking as well as private hire vehicle booking system and is a complete, distance charge online reservation and dispatch system.

Price:  £69.99 fully open-source unlimited websites license.

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Demo: Taxi Booking for WordPress

Video: Taxi Booking for WordPress back end demo

If you would like to test the whole plugin you can install the FREE version of Taxi Booking for WordPress (called Cab fare calculator) from

We may also undertake customization depending on our current workload.

Main Features of the WordPress taxi plugin:

Get Taxi Booking for WordPress

More features and settings available at Admin backend, please contact us for a back-end demo request. 

Taxi Booking for WordPress is designed to cover the International market and can be configured for any country that has got good Google Maps coverage.

Once installed Taxi Booking will provide the website owner with a booking system that will make bookings and take PayPal payments right on their website.

Taxi Booking will email the customer booking confirmation.

The admin will receive a notification of every booking made with all details about it and will then be able to go to the admin interface and change booking status to Accepted, Rejected or Archived.

All orders are stored in the back end and can be accessed anytime.

The booking form is easy to understand and very user-friendly. It will calculate the distance between Pick up and Drop off locations via Google Maps API (which the website owner has to input in the back end configuration panel) and then calculate the total price multiplying miles distance by the charge per mile (that is also configurable in the backend).

The client will be presented with 2 payment options: PayPal (if configured in the back-end) or Pay Cash (pay the driver directly).

Taxi Booking is very easy to understand and manage, with a very user-friendly interface but also powerful and sophisticated functionality that runs in the back end.

Please make sure you contact us with any questions or express concerns before you purchase.

Full GPL v.3 license, fully Open Source and Multiple domains use!


Read more and discover more features in WordPress taxi plugin documentation 


Get Taxi Booking for WordPress


You need Google Maps API keys created in your Google Developer Console. Since June 16th 2018 Google Maps requires activation of the API keys by providing credit card (billing) details. More deatils here.


If you need something even more sophisticated for your transportation business get The Booking Form instead.