We don't really like to talk about us on our website because it's all about you. But we have been asked many times What is it that you do at KANEV WEB DEVELOPMENT exactly? So here is a brief of our goals and philosophy.

  • We build business solutions, only business solutions because our clients are Businesses that need growth and need to embrace new trends in technology.
  • All our products are well supported and constantly developed and updated so you can run your business with less things to worry about.
  • Support staff is available at our Support pages but we never turn down support requests sent by email or via Contact us.
  • You are most important. We believe in the old saying: "Customer is the King", and why not - our business depends on you.
  • Your business has to be successful, this is our goal, if you don't have successful business our business is hurt as well. 
  • We listen to your suggestions and always do our best to evolve our products to fit your needs exactly. You can submit Feature requests at our Development section any time.
  • We believe in crowd sourcing - your ideas are most valuable as they make our products great, in return we deliver better value for you and your business.
  • You are so valued that we have minimum 30% discounts on all range of products or services once you are already a client.
  • There is no impossible things to achieve in the Software world. Research and Development can be expensive and that's why we came up with this crowd funding idea through our Development section where so many projects have been successfully funded since 2012 that we can proudly say that our Software is better than well funded corporation monster software in the same niche.
  • We look after small businesses, everyone starts small, we are ready to take the long journey to success along side with you. We will listen, help, promote, market and support you. We will celebrate the wins and buff the blows.

What have we created?

  • Taxi Booking for Joomla and Taxi Booking Pro - complete online booking solutions for Taxi companies, mini cabs, private hire vehicles, limousines, shuttles, buses, tours, delivery companies and all sorts of people transportation services (we even have bicycle and rickshaw renting clients).
  • DriveNot mobile booking app for Android and iOS - the app connects Taxi Booking software installed on your hosting server with your customers' mobile devices and offers them your transportation services, allows for mobile bookings and mobile PayPal payments. DriveNot is a mobile extension of Taxi Booking.
  • Share cost - crowd funding software for Joomla that helps you generate the funding needed for various projects by the user base that you already have or are able to attract.
  • Autoresponder - drip email marketing tool that can be used for educational, marketing and engagement purposes.

Are we proud with our achievements? Yes, we definitely are and so are our clients.

KANEV Web Development limited is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla Project or Open Source Matters.

KANEV Web Development limited is registered in England and Wales #8902407