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After you have added your fleet to Cars management and set the option Use tariffs: Yes for the Cars you would like tariffs to apply you can go to Tariffs management screen.

Once in the tariffs screen, click on New button to be taken to the Tariff edit screen.

Fill in the title for this Tariff eg. Day tariff.

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What exactly is Shuttles functionality for Taxi Booking?

We have added a brand new section for people transportation services called Shuttles. 

Actually Shuttles can be used for selling Bus tickets and Tours as well.

In the core of this new functionality is the possibility to create Shuttle routes which are basically routes between 2 or more destinations with the ability to add price per person between each stop.

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Taxi Booking app is named DriveNot and will be available both on Google Play and iTunes store.

The app will feature 3 sections to the booking customer: Nearby companies, Search by company name or city and Favourite companies for easy access to the booking form.

There are many reasons to join DriveNot mobile network and here are just a few of the popular ones:

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Here is a slideshow quick tutorial on how to set up PayPal to take mobile payments through Taxi Booking's mobile app DriveNot.

It explains how to get Client ID from PayPal that is needed for back end Taxi Booking payment methods PayPal options.

Note that this is just the first step of the process - Obtaining test (Sandbox) credentials. There is a second step required by PayPal for Live mobile payments. Contact us if you need details on how to go Live.

See a video below:

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How to use Language override functionality in Joomla to override Taxi Booking labels and text?

Joomla has set a beautiful practice to handle languages and multilingual content websites in its core since Joomla 2.5 got out.

Language strings defined by Language constants are stored in .ini language files arranged in language folders with specific language code naming. Sound a bit complicated? Read on to see how you can easily bypass minor language/text changes.

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This article is to describe how to effectively override Joomla components, modules and plugins CSS styles and in particular how this applies to Taxi Booking system for Joomla.

First let me start with something easy: each Joomla component, module and sometimes plugin has it's own CSS file (unless poorly written with inline CSS which will not be in the scope of this article). The CSS rules in those CSS files may, and usually do, conflict with CSS rules set by your Joomla template's CSS.

Fortunately there is a quite easy solution of this problem although it requires a bit of work on your part. But keep in mind that Templates and components and modules are usually created by different developers and tested in different environments and therefore may have never been seen to work together until you install them on your website. So a little bit of work on your part may need to be involved to "polish that apple" - make your website look and feel beautiful.

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How to use Taxi Booking for Fixed Prices between destinations (Limo Booking style):

To use Taxi Booking as a software to charge Fixed (or Flat rate) fares between two destination you will have to use only the Special routes functionality.

First of all you have to create your Points of Interest (all of your destinations) adding their coordinates at the back end Points of Interest section.

You may think "Why would I need route shown and time calculated since I only run my service between set destinations?"

We have studied users opinions and visual map with route and time for the journey builds credibility with your clients and they are more likely to book your services online.

Also time calculation is very important aspect as Taxi Booking blocks off booked Date and time and if a new booking request is made for the same time period vehicles previously booking will not show in the search result preventing double bookings of vehicles from your fleet. Note: In cars management Track availability must be set to Yes for each car to block off booked Date/Time

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Security of personal data has to be covered in 2 aspects online: Payment data like credit card number and Personal data like address and full name.

At our projects developed by KANEV.COM, we are using only 3rd party payment gateways for secure payment transactions.
Companies like PayPal take the responsibility of storing credit card details on their servers and this is much better option than relying on your own server's security. Companies like PayPal specialize in secure transactions online and they invest many resources to accomplish their goal, no single website owner could afford such an investment. Add a comment

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