Search engine optimization - on-page
* optimize URLs (website links and navigation) to be user-friendly (human-readable) if possible
* optimize website name in h1 tag and page names in h2 tags to show name and page importance (human and search engine bots readable)
* add meta title to each page (search bot readable) - based on up to 20 pages website
* add meta keywords and meta description to each page (search engine bot readable) - based on up to 20 pages website
* clear and easy to understand and navigate Menu structure
* create more internal links to important website pages (content)
* remove all external (outbound) links or add nofollow tag to them
* optimize images - names (if possible) and alt tags
* tell google to read images via robots.txt file
* analyze and optimize text content of each page
* create sitemap.xml and submit to google
* create sitemap.html and publish on the website (human-readable)
* add the website to Google Webmaster Central
* monitor keyword performance in Google webmaster tools for 1 month, analyze and create a report. Choose keywords (phrases) that are realistic to optimize for. Google bot usually visits websites every 2 weeks. 2 visits minimum required to analyze website performance.
* create a report for monthly global and local searches of the chosen keywords

On-page Search Engine Optimization - £200


Off-page Search Engine Optimization - Optimize monthly/Each month

Search engine optimization - off-page (monthly subscription)
* advice on include to Local Businesses (Google listings)
* advice on Google AdWords use
* analyze website keyword performance in google webmaster central
* choose 5 (or more) keyphrases that are realistic to optimize for
* create a search frequency report for the selected keyphrases (both local and global searches)
Backlink building
* 10 article submissions per month for each chosen keyphrase
get articles from website pages or order new ones from professional article creating agency (new articles are a separate charge)
* 200 submissions of different website pages in social media websites each month
* monitoring new content added to the website (content is created by the website owner or by us for a separate charge)
* creating and submitting new sitemap.xml every time content of the website changes or at least once per month
* updating sitemap.html if new content pages are created
* update meta title, keywords and description for new pages
* monthly performance report

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