Taxi Booking Corporate is a package of a Client Account management Component and Invoice later Payment plugin.

With Taxi Booking Corporate you can allow your larger clients to pay for all orders once a month (monthly invoices containing all orders created and emailed automatically at the end of the month) or send them manual reminders to pay for a few orders that have been accumulating over a period of time.

When Invoice later Payment plugin is enabled and Payment you can assign Discounts for users set as Clients. 

Client accounts can have one main Client who will receive and pay for invoices and Additional users who can make bookings on behalf of the client and their orders will be added to the main Client invoice.

Here is a tutorial on installation, set up and management of Taxi Booking Corporate:

Looking for WordPress taxi plugin?: Taxi Booking for WordPress


After you download the package from your download section ( log in and Register button in the top right corner of the website becomes User menu > My Downloads) install it as a normal Joomla extension through your website's back end. Taxi Booking Corporate component and Invoice later payment plugin will be automatically published and available for configuration and use.

Note: To create clients go to Taxi Booking > Users > Edit user > User is Client: Yes.

When you set "Client: Yes" you can also assign Additional users by clicking on Select button and finding them in your user list (use Search if you have a long list of users). Additional users will be able to use Invoice later payment method when logged in and their orders will be added to Client invoices. Both Client and Additional user will receive Order confirmation emails on new bookings.

Go to Taxi Booking > Payment methods and click on New. Select Invoice later which is listed in the Payment Methods drop down. Give the payment method a title that will be visible at the front end and click on the Save button. Now Configuration tab for this payment method will appear. Click on Configuration tab and fill in: Minimum amount (optional), Maximum amount (optional), Fee per transaction (optional), Tax in % (optional).

Now let's take a look at Taxi Booking Corporate component:

Go to your back end > Components > Taxi Booking Corporate

You will see the Dashboard with 4 sections: Settings, Clients, Invoices and Live update


My Company tab contains your company information that will be printed on the Invoices. Please fill in My Company, Company address, Registration and VAT number if applicable.

Invoice email tab contains Header and Footer text editor areas which you can use for additional information in the Invoice reminder email. These text editor areas will be duplicated to as many languages as you have installed on your website so you can localize them in the respective language.

PayPal settings tab is where you have to set up your PayPal account to receive online payments for Invoices - Sandbox: Yes/No (PayPal test mode), PayPal payment email, Merchant Sandbox Email (for PayPal test mode).


Here you will see the list of all Clients that you have assigned to clients Joomla user groups and User is Client: Yes in Taxi Booking > Users. Client emails and Phone numbers are also displayed. View invoices link will take you to the invoices for the chosen Client.


Here is a list of all invoices currently generated in the system. Handy displayed are Invoice number, Client name, Invoice Month, Total, Paid, Due, Due date, Days until due date, Status and ID.

If you click on Invoice number you will see the Details of an invoice grouped in sections.

Invoice details - Invoice number, Client name, Invoice Month, Due date, Days until due date and Status.

Orders - shows a list with all orders for this Invoice with Order number, Traveller name, Journey details (Pick up and Drop off), Trip date and time, Booking date and time, Amount (Order total). Total of the Invoice, Paid and Due amounts are visible at the bottom of the Orders section.

Add payment button - Admins can manually add payments taken outside of Taxi Booking eg. Credit card payments over the phone, Cash payments in the office etc. When Add payment button is clicked a pop up with the fields Type (payment type eg. Credit Card, Cash etc.), Amount (do not use currency symbol here as it's added automatically) and Notes (references to the payment, transaction etc. that might be helpful in the future). On Submit button click the payment will be added to the invoice and record will be shown in the Payment History section below. 

Request PayPal payment button - sends an automatic email to the Client with a link to the online invoice. The online invoice will have a PayPal button on which the Client can click to be taken to PayPal for secure payment of the Invoice amount. Payment will be recorded and also displayed in the Payment History section. Tip: Header and Footer for this email can be added in Taxi Booking Corporate > Settings > Invoice email tab as explained above.

Payment History section is where all payments: manually added and automatic PayPal will be recorded for future reference. 

The system will automatically calculate Totals, Due, Days until due date (due date is considered end of the month), and will record Paid amounts.

Taxi Booking Corporate is a very powerful tool that you can utilize to engage with larger corporate clients and increase bookings, loyalty and customer retention.

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